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3 Critical Things When Looking For an Apartment in Lagos

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Staying in Lagos can be very stressful especially if don’t plan yourself carefully. If you must reduce the level of stress that comes with the day to day activities as a typical Lagos resident. 

Then you must take time to plan carefully when looking for an apartment of your own in Lagos.

3 Critical Things When Looking For an Apartment in Lagos

#1. Nearness to Your Place of Work or Business

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In developing cities like Kaduna and Jalingo you can afford to be residing kilometres away from your place of work. Because of the ease of movement from one point to another due to less traffic and very affordable means of transportation.

Unfortunately, it is totally a different case when it comes to Lagos. You must consider the cost of transporting yourself to work daily and also the average traffic situation of your route before choosing to move into an apartment.

To be on a safer side, the recommended practice is to get a place that is affordable and close to your place of work. By so doing the cost of transportation will be reduced drastically as well as the length of time you will spend in traffic.

Let me give you a practical example – when I was looking for an apartment after I was posted to Lagos Airport, I got one-room self-contain apartment for 140,000 Naira annually at Egbeda. But after my cost analysis, I realised that I will be spending an average of 600 to 700 Naira on transportation on daily basis with heavy traffic.

I also got another one-room self-contain apartment at Mafoluku for 160,000 Naira annually. But I discovered that my daily spending on transportation will be 200 Naira or less with little or no traffic.

#2. General Power Supply Situation in That Area

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Don’t ever do the mistake of not factoring the power supply situation of an area before paying for an apartment there.

To be realistic, the majority of the areas being occupied by the average people in Lagos lacks steady power supply. But notwithstanding, there are some places that suffer more and I am sure you wouldn’t want to find yourself there.

Another very important factor to consider is the average power billing for that area. Yes, some areas receive outrageous power bill monthly that you will be forced to ask yourself if your house is a manufacturing industry.

I was once in a house where the electricity company brings an average bill of 20,000 Naira monthly even though I was rarely at home to consume the so-called electricity.

#3. The Water Level of the Area

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A lot of residents in Lagos today are suffering as a result of their failure to make a good decision when it comes to this. The truth is, the majority of the lands in Lagos were sand filled before buildings were erected on them.

If possible, the best time to look for an apartment in Lagos is during the raining season. It is during this time you can be able to know how effective the drainage system of an area is. And also to know if you are about moving into a flood-prone environment.

But in a situation where you can’t wait for the raining season to come, I recommend that you do a visual inspection of the drainage in the area and also the wall of the buildings before making your choice.

You may also want to ask questions from people you know that reside in that community or even strangers. But the problem with such method is that sometimes they will not be willing to tell you the truth.


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