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3 Quick Ways to Go From Outsourced Staff to a Full-Time Staff

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A contract staff is simply a staff of an outsourcing company that is seconded to work for another company.

He/she works for the company where his services are needed while the outsourcing company earns a commission from his pay.

A contract staff mostly starts at a particular pay grade and remain there for a very long time. Not to talk about the other benefits that he is denied.

Some get promoted while some never get to climb the career ladder till they leave or retire.

Over time I have heard people say that contract staff also known as outsourcing service has been banned by Nigerian labour laws.

I am not going to bore you with what the Nigerian Labor Law have to say about outsourcing or not. I am concerned about showing you the best way to navigate your way to the peak of your chosen career. Even as a contract staff.

3 Quick Ways to Go From Outsourced Staff to a Full-Time Staff

#1. Work Hard and Know your Job

There is a huge difference between someone that works hard and some someone that knows his job and works hard.

These days working hard is not just enough to earn you the position at the top of your career ladder.

Knowing the intricacies of your job is very important. It helps you to work smart and deliver the desired result in the shortest possible time using minimum resources.

#2. Upgrade Yourself

Don’t join the gang that having nothing to show after working for 5 years in terms of upgrading oneself through self-development.

Self-development does not necessarily mean that you acquire a PhD.

You have to identify the necessary certification that will grantee your promotion to the next level should in case the opportunity presents itself.

I am not sure that you would want to be denied promotion because you have failed to upgrade your academic qualification.

You can also enrol in one professional course or more as it relates to your career path.

#3. Apply for Other Jobs

Do not put your eggs in one basket. Explore other opportunities by casting your net beyond your current organization.

While you are still in your present organization do yourself a favour by looking for better jobs elsewhere.

One of the advantages of moving from one organization to another is that you stand the chance of getting a pay rise in your new organization.


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