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4 Aspects of Curtains to Examine Before Buying Them

Australia’s home decor industry is growing steadily, with an annual CAGR of 3.48%. The revenue collected by this industry in 2022 amounts to a whopping $1.98B. To top it off, this industry is expected to grow into a $2.5B sector by 2030. These indicators suggest that the home decor industry shall continue to grow at a sustained pace and shed a good light on the home decor industry of Australia, including major regions like Sydney. Among all the major sub-sectors of this industry, one that holds significant weightage is curtains, thanks to them being an essential component of each household.

If there were one element of home decor that absolutely no one living in a house could ignore, it would have to be the curtains or drapes for the windows. They can set the house’s tone or the room as the most crucial home decor elements. Thanks to the availability of endless options, finding the curtains that match your requirements could be challenging. Hence, this article summarises a few key aspects when buying curtains in Sydney.


The fabric of the curtain plays a vital role in deciding the kind of look and vibe a room emanates. You would find curtains with materials ranging from sheer lace to medium-weight brocades and lightweight cotton to heavy velvet options. Here are two crucial factors to consider that will help you decide what curtain fabric you should look for:

  • The amount of sunlight you would like to stream into your room
  • The decor and vibe of your room

Here’s a rule of thumb if you are wondering what colours to look for. Ideally, the colour of the curtains must be in sync with the other furnishings and decor in the room. Whether you buy curtains that harmonise or contrast with the decor is left to you. Also, remember that the colours you choose must complement the colours of the walls. If you find curtains with good designs and wish to highlight them, then consider opting for colours that contrast the walls and the decor.


Determining the right length of your curtains matters regardless of where they go. You could look for curtains in Sydney that reach the floor as they trend. Consider curtains extending an inch beyond the floor to add a dramatic look. If you have kids at home, finding ones above the floor is in your best interest. Curtain options that end at the sill are timeless too.


Choosing the patterns of the curtains is just as important as any other aspect listed above. Whether you decide to go with solids or prints must depend on the decor and the furnishing present in the room. If most of the furnishings in the room are solids, you could look for patterned curtains as they may add a twist to your room. The contrary holds as well. The patterns add weight to the solid colours and complement them well, so if you go with opposing combinations, you won’t go wrong. Consider floral or solid designs if your room has a modern, traditional or classic look. On the other hand, if your space has a contemporary look, you could experiment with quirky patterns.

Final Remarks

While the aspects listed in this article are only a few, they are the most important ones to be considered. Try experimenting a bit further than what is pointed out in this article to see what matches your liking, but it would be good not to wander too far away from too when looking for curtains in Sydney.

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