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4 Things You Need To Know About Airbnb Property Management

When you think of passive income, Airbnb might be one of the top solutions that pop into your head. While you are not entirely wrong, running a rental successfully takes some effort. This mode of passive income is not so passive after all. When you already have an Airbnb up and running in a busy city like Adelaide (where wine connoisseurs, art critics, and gastrophiles flock), not taking care of it is terrible for your business. In July 2022 alone, there were 30,334 vacancies at the 1,788 Airbnb properties in the city. With Airbnb management in Adelaide, you can easily put your feet up and enjoy the passive income flow.

What Does Airbnb Property Management Entail?

Considering how niche the term ‘Airbnb property management’ sounds, it is customary to wonder what the work entails. Before hiring such a service, it is always recommended to understand what the professionals do and set your expectations accordingly.

Airbnb property management takes care of a wide range of tasks. Most importantly, the pros manage the logistics of your rental so that you don’t have to bother yourself. The job also involves:

Supervising Listings

When you sign up for property management, one of the biggest responsibilities that the company will take over is managing listings. This means you no longer have to market the property or attract guests to stay at your rental. Since you have a management service on your side, it can easily enhance your listings on all the booking sites. Airbnb properties in Adelaide generate a monthly income of $3,900 and boast a 66% mean rate of occupancy. An Airbnb management service can lure more guests to your rental with better-quality pictures and descriptions. It can also help you decide on an optimal pricing system that can give you a constantly occupied rental, maximising your income.

Dialogue with Guests

When you have a rental open for booking, there needs to be constant correspondence with potential renters. If your property is located in tourist hubs around Adelaide Zoo and Central Market, you will have to deal with enquiries all year round. With Airbnb management in Adelaide, you can rest assured that the company will handle all communications promptly to ensure that more people opt for your service and leave the place satisfied.


Owning property might be just the best thing in this economy. Unfortunately, the downside is that properties require maintenance. When you run a rental, various maintenance issues pop up at the most inopportune times. Having to deal with all of them might take a good chunk of your time. Property management companies can take this load off your back and help you take care of the place. They can schedule routine maintenance, handle repairs, and conduct regular inspections, and you wouldn’t have to lift a finger.

Cleaning and Turnover

Having guests over at your rental means that the property needs to be cleaned from time to time. After each guest checks out, you need to clean up the mess they have left behind and prep the property for the next guest. With respect to the property management service you have hired, it might have in-house or outsourced staff to take care of cleaning and turnover. This way, your property will look pristine enough to impress guests and leave you a stellar review.

Whether you need a property management service is totally up to you. Depending on the time you have, how frequently your Airbnb is booked, and the budget you stick to, you can find a service that can maximise your rental’s potential. Having an Airbnb in the best spots in Adelaide and neglecting it is such a shame.

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