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4 Ways Social Media is Affecting You


Social media no doubt has brought a lot of positive changes in our day to day activities as social beings.

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Unfortunately, social media has its own side effects which are fast becoming a threat to some vital and integral part of our existence.

4 Ways Social Media is Affecting You

#1. Relationships

Social media seem to take the centre stage of our lives especially when it comes to our relationships with other people like spouses, children and friends.

These days, we see couples or parents spend more time on social media compared to the time they allot to their family and friends.

The effect of this, which is mostly long term is that it will create a gap between the affected persons and a disconnect in the long run.


#2. Cultural influence

This is more common among the younger generations. The cultural values and morals that were being handed down to the young ones by their parents are beginning to erode. This is as a result of the influencing nature of the social media.

Youths now see everything they see on social media as the correct thing because many people seem to be doing it. They do this not minding if it is negating the cultural and morals of their community.


#3. Education and work

Social media has led to the downfall of many students who couldn’t discipline themselves on how and when to use it.

When I was in the higher institution, I had a coursemate who was topping the class for the females but her grades took a nosedive the moment she acquired a blackberry phone and started doing blackberry messenger chat while lectures were going on.

Although she was able to salvage her situation, she never made it to the top again.

These days, employees use their work hours to engage in one social media activity or the other at the expense of their duty. This you know will result in lost hours to the employer.


4. Sleep and health

A lot of people these days are suffering from different forms of health challenges because of lack of sleep.

Social media can be so addictive that once you engage in it, you will not know when you spend the whole night on it.

For most people, they don’t have a choice than to go out to their respective offices the following morning even though they got little or no sleep.


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