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5 Casino Games You Should Try Out First

Whether you’re trying your luck at a regular old casino or about to venture into online casinos, you’ll see that there’s always an abundance of games you can try out. However, since it’s probably your first time playing in a casino, traditional or otherwise, you might be confused about what game you want to play.

There are probably a lot of games, but you certainly don’t know most of them. Luckily for you, in this article, we will be talking about some of the most accessible games that you can learn first as a beginner. Let’s start.


Of course, we’ll start with slots, the granddaddy of all casino games. It’s one of the most sought-after games in the casinos, and it’s no accident since it’s the easiest one out there, not to mention fun and not too hard to learn. One of the most incredible things about slots is that no skills are required, strategies, or decision-making (except the amount of money you want to bet).

All you have to do is pull a lever or push a button and pray that the combination you end up with is worth something. However, remember that although slots are easy to play, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re easy to win. More or less, you’ll lose a lot of money at first, but the return-to-player gets higher the more time you play them.


Of course, there will be blackjack in the casino. It’s considered one of the most fun card games in the casino, probably the next, if not the first, after poker. If you don’t know how to play, blackjack is relatively easy. The objective of this card game is to get a closer hand to the value of 21 than the dealer. At the start of the game, you will be given two cards and the dealer.

If you think your hand could do better, you can choose to hit so the dealer will give you another card. Otherwise, you can opt to stand so you can play your hand. You win if your hand is much closer to 21 than the dealer’s without going over. The great thing about blackjack is that even though most people use their strategies to win the game, you can still play and enjoy it without using one.


Now this one is also one of the most accessible games in the casino. It’s a game of chance using the dice. At first, you might find craps intimidating because of the layout of the table and the number of bets you can do with it but let us tell you that it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

The general concept is betting on the number the dice will fall into. In terms of betting, you can bet on the exact outcome of the dice or bet on a number that you think will not happen. You can even bet on the numbers whether the dice will have either an odd or even number.

Not only that, but craps also have one of the lowest house edges in the casino, which means you have a better chance of winning. Take note, however, that the higher your chances are in a game, the lower the payout tends to be.


Now we move on to roulette. Just like craps, it can be intimidating at first because of all the colors and numbers in the roulette wheel, not to mention the number of bets you can also opt for in this game.

However, just like the previous one, it’s pretty easy to grasp, not to mention that the whole concept is just you betting on which place the ball will fall into. It’s also very popular both in regular casinos and online ones. If you’re looking to play some real money roulette, there are a lot of them online.

In this game, the most straightforward bet you can make is to bet which number the ball will fall into or the color. You can also bet if the number will be odd or even. Betting on the color has a lower payout since the choices are just red and black. It’s practically 5/50, but if you bet on the number, there are 37 of them from numbers 0-36.


Now, keno might not be as popular as the choices we discussed above, but it’s still an exciting game to play and, of course, straightforward to grasp. The game is played by choosing multiple numbers from 1-80. The dealer will then draw 20 numbers; the more numbers you match, the bigger your payout. It’s a lottery at this point, but much more exciting and has a bigger chance of winning.

Final Words

There are a lot of games in the casino but if you’re looking for one that’s not too complicated, try at least one of the choices above. They’re easy and fun, albeit a little lower on the payout. Winning is winning; the more you play, the more money you’ll go home with.

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