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5 Health Tips To Keep You Out Of The Hospital In 2019


There is a saying that health is wealth and I believe it totally. You don’t have to wait until you fall ill before you can take the necessary measures to keep yourself from avoidable sicknesses.
Starting the New Year with good health is a truly a big deal and you should give it a big thought and follow it up with actions.

Health tips to keep you out of the hospital

#1 Exercise regularly

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The benefits of having a routine exercise schedule are better experienced than explained. Exercise doesn’t only keep your body in shape, it helps your mind remain focused, keeps you energized, helps keep your blood pressure in check, burn excess calories and fats, keep your body toned.
Exercise to an extent helps you achieve some level of endurance and discipline when you remain consistently faithful to your routine.

#2 Eat more vegetable and fruits

Your diet should contain more of fruits and vegetables than processed foods. Most times we complain that fruits are not affordable thereby making it difficult for us to have more fruits as we desire. The truth is, there are some affordable fruits and vegetables around that we can start with.
You can also scout your environment and take advantage of the fruits that are found in your area as they may cheaper than the ones that are being imported.

#3 Drink more water

For your body, organs and cells to function properly you need to increase the level of your water intake if you have not been doing that.
Water helps to dissolve minerals and nutrients, making them more accessible for use to the body. Water also helps to remove waste products.
Apart from the above, water also lubricates the joints, helps in the formation of saliva and mucus, delivers oxygen throughout the body, boost skin health and beauty.
There are a lot of other benefits of water to the body, no wonder they say water is life.

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#4 Cut down on alcohol intake

If you belong to the category of people that cannot do without taking alcohol on a daily basis then my friend you need to have a rethink because you are doing yourself a long-term damage.
One thing about alcohol is that it doesn’t manifest immediately until after it must have done some degree of damage to your system.
Come to think of it, you can cut down on your alcohol and channel the monies that will be saved to purchasing of fruits and vegetables.

#5 Avoid dirty environments

Research has shown that most of the day-to-day forms of sickness that people experience are mostly due to dirty environments or surroundings.
Diseases like malaria, toilet infections, cholera, typhoid and lots of infections are mostly attributed to dirty environments.
You need to do more of cleaning and washing to help keep yourself out of the hospital.

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