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5 Major Problems Facing the Nigerian Education Sector


Education plays a pivotal and critical role in the development and formation of a prosperous nation.

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Sincerely, Nigeria as a nation has a very mileage to cover if she must compete in the comity of prosperous nations when it comes to education.

A look into what is obtainable in our today schools (from primary to tertiary) will leave you heartbroken and maybe hopeless.


5 Major Problems Facing the Nigerian Education Sector


#1 Outdated Curriculum

The curriculum that is being taught in our schools is archaic and too theoretical.

Technical subjects and courses are being taught on the blackboard without a practical or hands-on session.

There is a need for an urgent review of our curriculum to accommodate the new developments and changes in the world of education.


#2 Language Barrier

If you take a look at some developed countries like China and Japan, you will find out that students are being taught in their local language.

This makes understanding very easy for the student and also help preserve the heritage of the people especially the native language.


#3 Schools paying more attention to extra lessons.

Nowadays, schools now seem to pay more attention to extra lessons instead of the normal class sessions.

It has become so bad that the students that cannot afford the extra lessons are being cheated because most of the normal class works are not treated during extra lessons.

For me, I think a child should not be subjected to an all-day schooling and learning all in the name of extra lessons. The students should be allowed to go home and rest to enable them to develop in other aspects of life.

#4 Incessant case of sexual harassments

A lot of students have been suffering from different forms of sexual harassment from those that were supposed to be their teachers or role mentors.

The female students suffer most when it comes to sexual harassment, they are forced into giving sexual gratifications to their teachers in exchange for a good grade.

In the case where the student proves stubborn, she is made to suffer for her stubbornness. Sometimes the victim is made to spend extra years in the school.


#5 Extortion in the guise selling of handouts and textbooks

Our teachers have now assumed the role of businessmen and women abandoning their primary responsibilities of teaching and imparting knowledge to their students.

I am not against a lecturer that wants to do research and write a textbook but what I am against is someone reproducing some part of another author’s textbook only to sell it to the students.

Sometimes you will find out that the cost of purchasing the photocopied manual is enough to buy the original and complete textbook.

The students in most cases do not have any choice than to comply because there is also some marks allotted to purchase of textbooks and manuals.

Just like my mother will always say, this is stealing with tricks.


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