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5 Ways to Becoming “Indispensable” At Work


The level of unemployment in Nigeria is beginning to rise to an alarming stage with the increase in the number of job losses.

No wonder every employee both the in the private and public sector are trying to device any form of measures to ensure that their job is secured.

5 Ways to becoming “indispensable” at work


#1 Know your job function and the necessary policies

It may sound funny but a lot of workers today seem not to properly understand their job functions properly.

For you to become “indispensable” there is a need for you to know and understand your job functions, your company’s policies. The only way to achieve this is by showing the willingness to learn and by committing your time and energy to the goal.

#2 Be punctual

For virtually all companies and organisations, punctuality is a crucial part of the key indicator performance tools they use for staff appraisal.

The importance of punctuality to employees can never be exaggerated.

If you must achieve a great deal of job security as an employee then you must be prepared to be at work 30 – 40 minutes to work (although resumption time varies for organisations – try to find out the approved time for your company.)

#3 Do your job and be productive

These days, some employers don’t care how many hours you spend at work provided you deliver the needed results.

A lot of workers today allow themselves to be distracted at work to the extent that it begins to affect their productivity.

You must focus on your job once you enter the office space and avoid any form of distractions so as to achieve the work goal for the day.

#4 Learn some computer operation skills

In our world today, if you come by 10 different job adverts in a day, 9 out of the 10 will have “Computer Literacy” as part of the requirements.

The truth is you are not the only graduate in your field of study, so for you to have an edge then you need to have an appreciable understanding of computer usage and operations.

These days, some workers are beginning to take their computer knowledge to an advanced level because of the increasing usage of computer in offices. This will place them above other workers who are also computer literates.

#5 Learn some soft skills

Knowing your job and company policies aren’t enough to place you above your colleagues in this competitive world of ours.

You can add to what you already know, some other soft skills to distinguish you from your peers and maybe even from your supervisors.

Try to develop yourself on topics like; time management, emotional intelligence, presentation skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, work ethics and other important areas of life.


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