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7 Best Strategic Tips for selling anything online and offline


SELLING can be seen as the act of offering a product or service to a customer or buyer for a specific amount or value, and in most cases payment of value called money becomes the cost.

Apparently not everybody can sell, and some times people see selling as a skill, but in this article, we will be pointing out some strategic tips to have in mind when thinking about selling anything or when you are finding it hard to actually sell anything, whether online or offline.

  • ALWAYS Be confident about your business

This is something you either have or crave to have when doing a business or selling anything, it’s something that determines if your business will sell or not; thereby saying, always be positive about what you sell, believe in the business even when its dying, even if you will be the only one doing that.

When you come in contact with a client always act like your business or service is the best and close to none in the world, for example you can say something like; “you will never find something like it for the price you are offering, and even if they do find something close to what you are offering, it definitely won’t be the same quality.” For me saying this to me will sell me or not, but at least it will lead me to inquire about your product some more. Always prove that you know your business like the palm of your hand and people and clients will start to trust you and believe in what you offer.

  • Always know who to sell to.

Not everyone who walks into your shop or contacts you is a buyer, some of them might just want to inquire about your business, some might just want to know the price of things, some might just be competitors in disguise, just know when to differentiate everyone you come in contact with. motive for a very business negotiation matters so much.

  • Always know your worth and the worth of your business

You will definitely come in contact with competitors, potential buyers and Big Disguised Investors. Why do I say big disguised investors? there are some people who will come across your business and would like to invest in it to expand it more but they won’t relay their motives at first, but they will always ask every possible question about your business at any point in time.

I came across a potential investor like 3years ago, he was more particular about knowing what my business is worth and the vision I have about my business say in the next few years to come. I gave him some inconclusive figures but it didn’t matter cause at least I was confident and answered like I was expecting the question, to cut it short, the brief meeting ended with a simple truth that I know what my business is worth and I can defend it.

Just so you know, nobody wants to waste money therefore they want to make sure they are spending it on something that is worth it, so just Pay attention and know your business worth, ranging from that unit cost, total sales, production cost, to your total interim revenue/profit range.

  • Anything you can recreate don’t worry about selling it

So many people like keeping things they made for a long time just because it cost them so much to make it or produce it, take for instance a furniture maker who took more time and $200 to make a set of furniture’s, you will agree with me that he won’t sell it for $199 there by occupying space and depreciating every single day.

But here is an advice from a business Icon, “Never worry about selling what you can recreate”. I think it’s hard but pretty simple, once you can recreate it don’t worry about selling it.

  • Make it a habit to grow or promote your brand

I have done justice to this particular point about channeling one’s energy to his business, I believe it’s the best way to tell everyone about what you do on a daily basis. I want to pause a bit to stretch the point that determination comes before you can have the habit to push your business. Talk about it, dream about it, share it, breathe it, and if possible wear it.

  • Always aim at creating a relationship (manner of approach)

Attitude is the key to selling anything. Customers or clients will always go where they are valued and treated as important, take it from someone who knows better, attitude can get you anywhere in life not to talk more of selling your product or service. Just be humble, friendly, simple, and above all always know when to look pass the value of the product (money).

A customer might know the actual value of a product but will plead with you to sell for less, in most cases they do it deliberately, but other times they just want to know your limits. Always be future conscious and be politer to people, ask them about their family and businesses too, always show you care about them, 99% will always come back. It works like magic, and most times everything you do in business comes after your attitude and manner of approach.

  • Offer gifts and after sales services

Always seal a sale with a gift item or an after sale service no matter how little it is, just do it. You can offer free delivery, or maybe add an extra unit of the product to a customers purchased goods, it sends a different message of relationship to the person. Offer to help them in a little way you can, it will keep your business on a long run, whether in presence or absence.

Thank you for reading this little piece, don’t forget to hit me back with your feedbacks, I love feedbacks whether the article was helpful or not, feel free to advice as observed, I will be waiting.


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