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7 Reason Why Apple Is Ruling The Global Laptop Market

It was the 28th of June, 2008 when the first Apple laptop came into existence. With Intel’s core duo processor the device reached the market. Apple has always given extra effort to design its products. So, for the first time, the global laptop market received laptops in black and white colour variations. The company concentrated more on delivering products at a reasonable price. When Apple traveled to India, we met under 25000 best laptop.

The latest generation of Apple laptops is popular across the global market. There are numerous papers available on the internet about the specialty of Apple laptops. Steve Jobs, the co-founder and CEO of Apple stated in an interview, “If not Mac then what is our next-gen PCs?” Apple has come a long way and successfully brought a revolution in the Laptop industry. Let’s find out why i3 laptops deserve a special mention.

Design of MacBooks

High-performance of a device depends on the design it. The slimmer a laptop is the more power-efficient it becomes. Apple introduced its thinnest and the most efficient laptop in 2008. Macbooks have a detailed history of evolution. It’s a long journey from PowerBook to the latest MacBook Air. We’ll highlight here how Apple captured the market through its journey from PowerBook to MacBook.

  1. PowerBook was 4 pounds and available in one colour only.

The MacBook weighs only 2 pounds and colour variations are jaw-dropping.

  1. PowerBook used a 25 MHz processor while the MacBook runs fine with a 1.1GHz processor.
  2. 4MB RAM was all you can have in a PowerBook while MacBook introduced an 8GB RAM.
  3. PowerBook used to hold a 40MB hard drive, a floppy drive, SCSI, Mac serial, and ADB ports.

MacBook comes with just 256 GB flash storage and a USB-C port.

This rapid growth has been a boon for Apple. The language of technology only understands a continuous progression. In just two decades, Apple has changed its entire base. This has to be one of the prime reasons for Apple’s immense success.

Better Customer Support

Any i3 laptops provide you better customer support than windows laptops. The only reason is that they are the sole manufacturers of their products. All of the professionals are aware of the raw materials and programming of the laptop. Therefore, be it a software problem or a hardware one, you can get your laptop fixed very soon. If the laptops are fixed in one session, you don’t need to pay a service charge even. So, people are going for MacBooks over windows for their professional purpose.

Better Security than Windows Laptops

According to Macworld’s reports, Apple’s laptops run on high security because they are built on Unix. New features of OS X El Capitan works as a better security and encryption system. It ensures that your laptops stay secure from hackers even in a huge traffic zone. A security company AVG has also stated that Apple’s laptops are fewer in number than that of Windows. Therefore, hackers rarely target these devices. Also, their system often fails to penetrate Apple’s high-security laptops.

Macs and iPhones Work as a Team

The makers of the iPhone and Mac have synchronized the programs fantastically. They have made a tie between these two devices. You can easily sync your iPhone with your MacBook and handle the programming on your phone. Be it text messaging or any other application. This is a unique feature introduced to iPhone users that makes their life easier.

Quicker Software Updates

Your MacBook takes software updates faster than Windows. The developers of Apple work relentlessly to come up with the latest technology every day. There is a progression in Apple almost every month. The most amazing fact is that all the updates reach your device within a week or two. All Apple users globally can update their device with just a click. Apple introduces smoother software and applications that don’t disrupt your user experience. You can easily handle your laptops even if it’s newly updated.

Long-lasting Devices

Apple does justice with its price. If you step back for its high price range, it wouldn’t be a very wise decision. Apple always performs faster and better than Windows. But that is not the only pro, it lasts longer as well. You can use a MacBook for over 10 years straight. In the professional field, people want devices that will help them in the long run. Therefore, the acceptance that Apple is receiving is beyond imagination.


Detailing a Mac is one of the major points that attract customers. Once you’re habituated with a MacBook, it’s dull to use Windows again. The detailing of Apple’s products is worth observing.

Apple is no more a distant dream for anyone as it’s available at a very low price. MacBooks are available now at just 17,000. So, click for a MacBook first when you search for “best laptop.”

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