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7 Tips for Air Travelers

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Traveling by air is proven to be one of the easiest and safest means of transportation from one point to another.

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While some find it exciting, unfortunately, some travelers have had several bad and frustrating experiences due to one reason or the other especially the first-timers.

Top 7 Tips for Air Travelers

#1. Consult a Genuine Travelling Agent

This is the initial and most important stage. The success of your trip depends solely on how well you are able to deliver on this stage.

A traveling agent will ensure that all documentation concerns of your trip are handled appropriately and timely.

Documentations ranging from visa application, interview, invitation letter (if necessary), purchasing of air ticket(s) and others will be taken care of with your cooperation by the agent.

Great caution should be taken to avoid contracting a fake agent.

#2. Familiarize Yourself with the Airlines/Airport Luggage Policies

Doing this will save you the stress of taking along with you prohibited items to the airport.

Once prohibited items are discovered inside any of your luggage, you will be asked to remove and discard them as you will not be allowed to fly with it.

#3. Make Arrangement for Your Pickup and Accommodation

This is also very important. We have seen cases where passengers upon arrival to their destination go into the streets and begin to wonder about.

This could be because they failed to make proper and solid arrangements before setting out or because they were disappointed thereby leaving them stranded.

You can as well make sure you inquire about the prevailing weather condition of your destination to enable you to chose the right clothing.

#4. Pack Your Luggage Yourself

I know this may sound vague to some people especially the first time travelers. Packing your luggage by yourself is the only way that you can guarantee that there is no incriminating item in it.

You should also do well by securing them after that by either using locks or by sealing them with leather seals, this is mostly done by the airlines at a fee.

To avoid a situation where you may need to unpack your bags at the terminal building before boarding, maybe as a result of excess luggage, you can weight your bag yourself beforehand to ensure that it’s still within the confines of the allowed weight.

Except if you are willing to pay for the excess weight.

#5. Be At the Departure Hall on Time

Timeliness is a serious factor when it comes to traveling by air.

Averagely all intending passengers are expected to be at the checking counter 2-4 hours before departure.

This is to enable the airline to do all the necessary checks before departure without encroaching into the planned flight time.

Being on time also helps the passengers to be relaxed for the trip especially when it’s going to be a long one.

#6. Be Careful About Helping Strangers at the Airport

It is quite unfortunate that some people’s lives have been ruined all in their bid to render help to a stranger they met at the airport or departure hall.

Be careful about those that will ask you to help them carry some of their luggage. Unsuspecting passengers are tricked into carrying hard drugs and other similar substances without knowing the content or the constituent of what is being handed to him/her.

#7. Obey the Rules and Regulations Given By the Flight Crew Members

Because aircraft operations require plenty of safety practices, safety rules and regulations have been drafted to ensure that lives and properties of passengers are preserved and safeguarded.

You need to submit yourself to all guidelines during the time of your flight as the rules were introduced solely for your safety.

It is also important that you inform the airline of any life-threatening illness as this will help them prepare for any emergency that may arise inflight.

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