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8 Top Secrets to Land your Dream Job in 2019

Job search secrets in 2019

Sometimes a job search can be so frustrating, annoying and overwhelming, especially when you are in an urgent need of a job.

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It often feels like there is so much you need to do to become employable in so little time.

This is even worse in the current state of our economy where job loss is on the increase and job creation has taken a nose dive.

In this article, we will discover the secrets to get a dream job in the highly competitive labour market.

#1 Apply for jobs that are never advertised

Most of the really great and high paying jobs get filled even before they are advertised by companies.

Generally, the process of interviewing and selecting a qualified and successful candidate is always tasking and tedious when a job position is advertised considering the numerous people that will be applying for a single position.

Companies find it easier to deal with when the applicants are few so most times, to save time and resources they prefer to screen the qualified few that have applied even without advertising the job.

To achieve this you may need to talk or make friends with an insider in the company to enable you to get information as soon as there is a vacancy.

#2 Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged by lack of experience

When developing and reorganizing your résumé for the new role or job you want to apply for, think and tailor your current skills and abilities to the job role you will be applying for. For instance, knowledge of customer relationship, marketing and sales, information technology will be of great relevance in most careers.

#3 Improve and get new skills

In 2019 companies will be needing not just professionals with the regular requirements or certifications but professionals with skills that are necessary for them to function exceptionally well in their chosen career.

To continuously create opportunities around yourself and to remain marketable, there is a need to develop mastery in your chosen field.

Begin the year by learning a new skill, take advantage of the enormous and unlimited information available to you on the internet.

#4 Don’t depend solely on your résumé

No doubt having a good résumé is the first step to get your foot in the door of your prospective employer and sell yourself to them.

But believe me, in 2019 employers are going to step up their game when it comes to hiring new workers by going as far as checking online to see if you have showcased yourself on the social media.

 You can create a professional portfolio on places like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and showcase your professional values, achievements and worth to your prospective employers.

Another great advantage of social media portfolios is that it increases your chances of getting hired as it announces you to companies that are searching for your skills.

#5 Don’t just work for the money

In a Bollywood movie titled 3-Idiots, Ranchodas Chanchad said the following; “make your passion your profession”, “follow excellence and success will chase you pants down”.

Do a self-searching and discover the work that brings out the passion and inner strength in you and gives it a try. If you belong to the group that works just for the money, the titles and power that comes with career growth them you will never find satisfaction and fulfilment no matter how hard or how long you try.

I give you a great example of someone that followed excellence and fulfilment: I know of a woman, an ex-banker who had a thing for cooking.

She quieted her high paying banking job about 10 years back and went into a catering business where she cooks for people during events. At first, she was just doing it for the fun of it not minding the little money she made as income after expenses.

As time went by, the business grew into a multimillion naira catering and event management business. Currently, bankers cue up in her offices convince her to bring her business account to their financial institution.

If you haven’t seen the 3-Idiots MOVIE, I strongly recommend that you do!

#6 Don’t quit your current job

Never do the mistake of quitting your current job while you are yet to secure your dream job. A bird at hand is worth hundreds in out there.

You can rather invest your time before and after work into doing something gainful.

No one says that you cannot get another short time job that will not affect your main job. The popular belief that having more than one short periods jobs will burn you out is not true but instead worry, stress, idleness and joblessness will.

In developed countries, people do more than one job and still lead a normal and healthy life.

There are several short time or side jobs you can do side by side your main job, read my post on Top paying online business you can do in 2019.

#7 Show sincere gratitude in your current place of employment

Most people love working with thankful, humble, sincere and honest people who give their all to in anything they are assigned to do.

If you have been slacking in your current job, do yourself good by stepping up your game, go the extra mile to do your very best.

Note that the key to happiness is solely in your hands and has nothing to do with your company or bosses. So stop being an emotionally disengaged staff.

#8 Get off social media and back in the game of work

Yes, you need to exercise some level of self-discipline over the use of social media. Once you have uploaded your credentials, get back out into the real world and get back to work.

Social media isn’t a job, it is just a tool. Limit your time on social media to maybe during break hours. A teacher doesn’t live for his pen. He or she puts it to work writing things.

Aristotle the great once said, “You will never do anything in this world without COURAGE. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honour,”

Dr Mae Jemison, who is the first African American female astronaut said, “Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations,”

The power to choose lies in you, don’t waste your time irrespective of where you are working instead focus on your job and manage it.

Find something you love and start doing it.

If you love writing – get your writing pad and kick off.

If you love to do graphic design – explore the creativity in you.

If you enjoy doing web development – practice and play around with different projects.

Remember practice makes better!!!

If you find this article interesting and engaging, don’t forget to drop a comment on the comment box below and also reach out to me to do a blog post or article for you


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