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9kmovies 2021 Latest Online Release | Illegal Pirated Website | Download Updates

9Kmovies 2021, a torrent website releasing pirated versions of films, television serials, books, and songs in India that now has turned as one of the biggest and fast sprawling markets for illegal viewing of downloaded entertainment contents.

9kmovies, together with similar HD downloading sites not only hampering the growth of the Indian entertainment industry as a whole but depriving the government of its revenues that are accrued to it by the way of tax on box office ticket sales.

In a way, such torrent sites are directly engaged in anti-country activities and are liable for strict punishments.

What Is 9Kmovies 2021

Mainly releasing the Bollywood movies illegally by copying them on its website, 9kmovie also does the same with language movies in Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, and Telugu. It also releases Pakistani and Irani entertainment content by violating rules.

9kmovies 2021 uses the latest Information Technology-enabled technology to hide its information regarding location, streaming system, and IP address besides changing its URL. makes the downloading process very smooth and easy using various formats like 300MB movies and 3D movies.

List of similar websites like 9kmovies movie download site

Has 9kmovies 2021 Faced Any Criminal Charges?

The technological modus operandi of 9k is so sophisticated that the government authorities have not been able to initiate any legal step against it or bring criminal charges against this torrent site.

Whenever the government intensifies steps to catch the operators of this site to bring them to book, it changes its site name. But before changing the name, it uploads all earlier contents from its previous site.

It also redirects the previous URL to the site with a new name after closing the old one against which actions are initiated. As a result, no actions could be initiated against it, so far.

Movies Leaked by 9kmovies 2021

9kmovies win keeps on releasing the new movies online regularly. In 2021, 9kmovies released several popular movies in Hindi, English, and regional Indian languages including Tumbbad, Jhalki, The Wind Walker, Bigil, Hero, and Baaghi 3.

Popularity of 9kmovies 2021

Due to its quickness to stream just-released Hindi, English, and Indian language films, 9kmovies name is very popular in India and abroad. Since the downloading process of film contents and online viewing facility, it has achieved a vast viewership globally.

The popularity level of this illegal site can be understood from the fact that its 4.7 pages are browsed daily and the daily time per user spent on this site is 3:48 minutes.

Estimated worth of 9kmovies

It is quite a rich site earning money regularly from illegal movie viewing, illegal movie distribution and advertisement collection. It is estimated that 9kmovies 2021 is having its worth set at US$ 22,049. The site earns about US$ 24,840 per year from advertisements.

About 1.68 million visitors visit this site annually. Together, they     browse about 8.36 million pages per year

Is it Legal to View 9kmovies 2021?

Visiting this illegal website is punishable by jail terms or cash fine or both. Hence, it is highly recommended that people particularly movie lovers must refrain from downloading entertainment content from this site.

Any connection with 9kmovie me is total. Hence, avoid it otherwise one may be taken to court and have legal proceedings under criminal clauses may be directed against them. This is due to the fact that downloading films or viewing entertainment content online, is directly violating the copyright act. Besides, any link with 9kmovies 2021 means a person is promoting it which is a major offense.


All law-abiding Indian cinema lovers should better buy tickets and view movies in the theatre or Television serials in their television sets rather than illegally downloading them from illegally run sites like

Besides, one should keep in mind that such notorious illegally run websites are inflicting massive damage to the Indian entertainment industry as a whole. They deprive share of lawful income of film directors, producers, cinema hall owners, and distributors.

Thus hampering their growth and depriving the government of India of income from entertainment taxes. This directly affects the GDP of India. Subsequently, all true Indian citizens should refrain from maintaining any sort of links with sites like 9kmovies 2021.

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