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A Guide to Repair an Oversized Outlook PST file?

Most of the Microsoft Outlook users are unaware of the very fact that there’s a maximum limit of fifty GB for PST files. Once the MS Outlook PST file size reaches or exceeds this limit, it becomes corrupted and data stored in it becomes inaccessible. In such a situation, if the user finds error messages “ PST File Size has Exceeded its Limit”. If you’re stuck during this situation, don’t be concerned . There are ways to affect large PST files. One option is to settle on a known software like Stellar Repair for outlook . If you are having trouble with large sized PST files or if you want to restore entire Outlook items, then this PST repair tool is for you. It can repair PST files of any size and restores all Outlook mail items with ease. You can even preview the items before restoring them.

If you’re a Microsoft Outlook user, you might have encountered a mistake message stating “Errors are detected within the file. We suggest quitting all applications that have to use the Inbox Repair Tool. This error usually occurs when the dimensions limit of the PST file is exceeded. Even though you are trying to open the appliance repeatedly , the same errors will be displayed.  In such scenarios, it’s advisable to use the Inbox Repair Tool to repair the difficulty . This tool is specially designed to repair damaged PST files. It also can be wont to recover deleted items from PST files. Furthermore, it also can assist you to resolve “Cannot open Outlook file” errors. Thus, Inbox Repair Tools are often quite helpful in resolving various sorts of PST file errors.

Why do PST files Exceed their Size?

As anyone who uses Microsoft Outlook on a daily basis knows, each PST file features a size limit. For Outlook 2003 to the previous versions, the limit is 2GB, while for Outlook 2007 to the earlier versions, the limit is 20GB. And as of Outlook 2010, the limit is 50GB. Once you use Outlook to receive and send emails, manage notes and calendars, and so on, it collects an outsized amount of data that contributes to the PST file size. If the PST file size exceeds these limits – particularly with older versions of Outlook – it can cause inaccessibility of the PST file. There are a couple of ways to stop this from happening, like compressing the PST file or splitting it into multiple files. But if the damage has already been done, then you’ll have to use the best PST repair software to repair the corrupt file. Either way, it is vital to remember those size limits to avoid any potential problems down the road.

How to Manage an outsized PST File?

Any Microsoft Outlook user knows that the PST file can quickly become very large, making it difficult to manage emails and resulting in performance issues. Fortunately, there are a couple of manual methods which will help to scale back the dimensions of the PST file. a method is to delete old emails that are not any longer needed. Another is to archive emails that are no longer actively getting used but still got to be kept. Finally, compressing attachments also can help to save lots of space. By taking these steps, it’s possible to bring the PST file back in check and improve Outlook’s performance.

1. Split the PST File:

When it involves managing large PST files, there are a couple of different options available. One is to separate the PST file into multiple smaller files. The Ms outlook application is not able to provide any inbuilt utility separate from a large PST file. An alternative choice is to use the  ‘Import/Export’ option or Outlook’s ‘Archive’. We share the options that provide alternatives of splitting the PST file.  Both options have their own advantages and drawbacks , so it’s important to settle on the one that most accurately fits your needs. If you would like to frequently access the archived data, then the ‘Archive’ option would be a far better choice. On the other hand, if you would like to manoeuvre all of your data files from one PST file to another , then the ‘Import/Export’ option would be a far better choice. Whichever option you select , confirm to copy your data first to avoid losing any important information.

2. Compact PST File:

PST files can become large and unwieldy over time, causing performance issues for Outlook users. a method to assist keep PST files manageable. We suggest use of the “Compact Now” option in Outlook 2013 and above. This feature removes delete space of data,, which may help to scale back the general size of the PST file. Additionally , Outlook will automatically compact its file when it has 20% unused space. By taking these proactive steps, users can help keep their PST files small and efficient, ensuring optimal performance for Outlook.

3. Remove Duplicate Data

If you have ever tried to manage an outsized number of emails, you recognize that duplicate messages can quickly become a drag . Not only do they take up valuable space for storing , but they will also make it difficult to seek out the knowledge you would like . In some cases, duplicate emails can even cause oversized PST files, which may cause performance issues. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to affect duplicate emails. One option is to easily delete the unwanted messages. One important explanation for the matter may be a corrupted PST file, then you will need to use a repair tool to repair the file. Either way, handling duplicates is a crucial part of managing your email inbox.

If you’re using Microsoft Outlook and are facing some issues with it recently, then there’s a high probability that your PST file is corrupt. A PST file may be a Personal Storage Table file and is employed by Microsoft Outlook to store data associated with your account like emails, contacts, etc. A corrupted PST file can cause tons of problems like freezing of the Outlook application, loss of knowledge , etc. so as to repair this issue, we suggest using the Outlook inbox repair tool that is in-built and also called scanpst.exe. However, this tool won’t not be able to recover data from your PST file and might even further damage the original file. In such a case, we suggest using the assistance of Stellar Repair for Outlook software which safely repairs your PST file and restores all of your lost data.

4. PST Repair Tool

Stellar Repair for Outlook can repair large, severely corrupted, and even password-protected PST files with just a couple of simple steps. Additionally , it can recover all Outlook attributes like contacts, emails, journals, appointments, events, notes, address book, RSS feeds etc. from corrupted PST files. Email items or other attributes deleted from outlook also can be easily restored with this Outlook PST Repair tool. With Stellar Repair for Outlook, you’ll be confident that your damaged Outlook file is going to be repaired quickly and efficiently. This software also can efficiently help resolve outlook error issues.  If you are looking for a reliable and effective Outlook PST Repair tool, then this is the right article for you. This repair tool can easily repair corrupted PST files and recover all Outlook attributes like emails, events, notes, address books, RSS feeds and much more. Additionally, it can also restore emails or other attributes deleted from Outlook with utmost safety. So, if you have a corrupted PST file, then don’t hesitate to use this Outlook PST Repair software to fix it.

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