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Add Your Special Touch to the Bedroom Using Photo with Clock

A growing child spends much of his/her time in the bedroom. In the growing age, kids want their private space. A separate room for your child is a great idea. There are ways to personalise the room to add a special touch. You can decorate your child’s room in such a way that he/she will remember. Here we have shared some ideas to help you with the same. Check them out:

Create a Memory Wall in Your Child’s Bedroom

Children must know they are loved. A pleasant way to do this is to have a memory wall in your child’s bedroom. Select pictures of different stages of your child’s growth. You may then use these pictures to customize a collage picture clock. These photo gifts can include up to eight pictures. Each day, your child will wake up to see the photo with a clock while checking the time. The pictures on the clock will make him/her nostalgic. They will know they are loved and each moment of their growth is being cherished. You may also select pictures of family vacations to include in the picture clock. Such pictures will increase the sense of family bonding in the child.

Allocate a Wall for Your Child’s Creativity

Freedom is very important for growing children. They should be allowed to explore their creativity. You can allocate a wall in the child’s room for the child’s creativity. You can exhibit the child’s crafts, paintings and art work on this wall. Show your child that you are proud of his/her artistic skills. Give them the freedom to try innovative arts and crafts.

Decorate the Ceiling of Your Child’s Bedroom with Lamps

You can also work to decorate the ceiling of your child’s room. You can stick sparkling stars on the ceiling that glow at night. You may also select a nice lamp for the ceiling. Look for a lamp whose brightness can be adjusted. Use the lamp to illuminate your child’s bedroom.

Gift Your Child an Alarm Photo Clock

You must incorporate important values in your child right from childhood. One such value is the significance of time. You need to teach your children to be punctual and value others’ time. You can incorporate value for time in children by teaching them to wake up at a fixed time. Gift them a photo alarm clock with their pictures on the six sides for their birthday. The novelty of the gift will coax them to wake up on time at the start. Once the habit has been cultivated, it won’t be difficult to wake your child up early in the morning.

You can explore the Presto Gifts website for different picture clocks listed online. You can explore the various ways to customize the photo wall clocks with pictures and messages. Once you find the best photo wall clock, just add it to the cart and make the payment online. You will have the photo wall clock delivered to your door. Be ready to gift a smile to your child with picture clocks customized with their pictures.

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