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Assignments For 4 Kinds Of Commercial Appraisal Review Customers

Commercial appraisal review assignments move from various types of clients. These clients have their scope of work,  concerns, and their own intended use for the reviewer. A detailed procedure and analysis are required by reviewing commercial appraisals. It requires education and experience to grow in this field. A systematic and effective review strategy is also required for the Commercial Appraisal review problem. Asset Appraisal is the process of market appraisal of the asset. It is carried out by the appraiser and is acceptable to the buyer. It is based on factors like income, cost, and fair market value.

What are The Four Kinds Of Commercial Appraisal Review Customers?
1. Review Assignments for Attorneys

Reviewing an attorney-client relationship requires reviewing an appraisal. This appraisal is performed for another side of the litigation. Besides reviewing the present appraisal, it sometimes involves performing a new appraisal for the client.  The review report is in written form. It will be a reference for the attorney in the cross-examination.

Here the reviewer will give a report that will explain all the noticed issues. In the final decision, the appraisal is determined. This is a detailed review assignment. It is one of the highest-paying jobs available.

2. Review Assignments for Government Clients

Federal Agencies want the reviewer to prepare the report according to the yellow book. The reviewer should know the yellow book regulations. Here competency is of the utmost importance according to government agencies.

State tax laws knowledge is required for the review work for the state tax authority. The reviewer must be competent in the practices involved in the state laws.

3. Review Assignments for Banks

Appraisal regulatory requirements are followed by all banks and credit unions. Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines carry out the appraisal regulations. Completing the review assignment of any of the institutions will require knowledge and understanding of the guidelines.

Financial institutions interact with appraisers according to federal laws and federal agency regulations like dodd-frank. These regulations are mandatory. If these regulations are not followed then it can legally impact the client and the reviewer. This can also result in heavy fines.

This is the most common type of review assignment. The reviewer must examine the appraisal for lending purposes in the financial institution assignment. The examination of appraisal is for reliability and credibility purposes. Here the client wants to know about the lending decision. This decision is dependent on the level of risk exposure and the appraisal.  It is also the least paid type of assignment for the banks.

For the review assignment completed for a financial institution, USPAP and the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines are important.

The small banks normally send all the review work to one contractor reviewer. For peak times and vacations, it is wise to have relationships with more than one reviewer.

4. Review Assignments for Private Parties

When we work for private parties it may include Divorce proceedings, Insurance companies, individual review work, the merger of companies, Pension funds, and Tax appeal work. These assignments are of the least uncertainty. The engagement letter clarifies the scope of the work. It also helps to know whether the client is small or big.


In appraisal assignments and appraisal review assignments both the intended user and intended use are important. The appraisal review report should always be understood by the intended use for the intended use.

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