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BBQs 2u has Made Barbecuing Flavourer and Easier with the MasterBuilt Grill Cart

Until the introduction of technologically advanced and affordable MasterBuilt barbecue products by BBQs 2u, grilling outdoor was never an enjoyable task for me during my social gatherings. BBQs 2u is passionately involved in stocking and selling of premium and versatile BBQs and accessories.

With three decades of experience in dealing with wide range of BBQs, they are the UK’s leading online retailers to provide best customer service and support.

Salient features of MasterBuilt Charcoal Grill with cart

The MasterBuilt Portable Grill is lightweight and has foldable cart for easy transportation to grill your food over lumps of charcoal to enjoy your camping adventure, backyard party, or family gatherings. You do not have to manually adjust coal lumps to cook food.

This MasterBuilt barbecue comes with SteadyTemp™ dial to easily adjust the temperature and get desired steady temperature for up to 4 hours.

With just £399.00, BBQs 2u provides free delivery within the UK and gives you 399 loyalty points, which you can redeem on your next purchase.

The MasterBuilt Portable Grill with cart also features a Charcoal MiniHopper™ to hold 1.5lbs of briquettes or 1lb of small lump of coals which can be used for up to 4 hours of cooking. The grill is large enough to fit as much as 15 sausages together.

There are vents, fitted with fan, on the side of the hopper. This fan makes the charcoal to burn easily and helps to keep the ignition of the charcoal in the hopper.

The temperature of the grill regulates the rotational speed of the fan and has the ability to turn the fan off and on. If you notice that the fan is constantly on without any rise in grill temperature, you need to feed more charcoal through the mini hopper.

There is a cord set of 4 AA batteries included with the MasterBuilt Portable Grill cart to power the grill. It has 6 hours of battery life and hence there is no need of carrying any external power source. The cord is enclosed by a gasket on it.

The outlet for the cord has a plug over it to help protect them from other parts of the grill. This is a brilliant idea to provide safety to its users.

Some of the amazing MasterBuilt BBQ accessories

BBQs 2u also offers MasterBuilt Portable Charcoal Grill Cover to protect your valuable BBQs from dust, dirt, sun, rain, and snow.

The MasterBuilt BBQ covers also helps to avoid physical damages to your BBQs like scratches and increase its durability. The covers are made of water-resistant and rugged material that gives it a UV-resistant coating, preventing it from fading or leaking on your cover.

You can browse through their different categories of accessories to purchase useful and innovative MasterBuilt accessories like MasterBuilt Lump Charcoal, MasterBuilt Fire Starters, and much more for enhancing the productivity of your MasterBuilt Portable Grill cart.

These accessories can improve your barbecuing experiences. You can also earn loyalty points with any of your accessories purchases.

Apart from numerous BBQs brands, BBQs 2u only deals with the most reputed brands like Kamado BBQs, Napoleon BBQs, and MasterBuilt BBQs.

Hence, BBQs 2u assures you to provide high-quality MasterBuilt Portable Grill cart and accessories at the most competitive prices, which can withstand the UK’s climate.

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