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Best Seat Covers for the Toyota Tacoma Truck

The Toyota Tacoma, a truck with a smaller frame but with power so majestic that is unrivalled. Given its size, it sure lifts and tows unimaginable sizes, 1440 lbs to 6800 lbs respectively. Built for the off-road, its powerful 278-HP 3.5L V6 engine will give you top acceleration and maintain that speed for quite some time. While getting all the work done with your Tacoma truck, it is prudent that you keep your seats protected with a set of custom seat covers. A good set of seat covers offer interior visual aesthetics and also protects your seats. They protect against a myriad of damaging components like moisture, UV radiation and friction. Moreover, maintaining your interior upholstery to close the original preserves its retail value.

  • Saddle Blanket Seat Covers by Saddleman

Made from a woven polyester/nylon blend, this superior heavyweight coated Saddle Blanket seat covers by Saddleman greatly protects your seats. A saddle blanket adds a hint of the old west to your interior upholstery providing a visual appeal to the nostalgic. Moreover, they are designed for strength and durability while keeping dust and spills away from your seats. Furthermore, it’s waterproof and maintains its integrity against constant abrasion, thanks to its historical Western heritage. The saddle-blanket fabric is breathable and can be machine-washed with ease.

  • Neoprene Seat Covers by Saddleman

Neoprene is popular in the aquatic wear industry. Commonly employed in making scuba diving suits, the waterproof ability is unmatched. Neoprene is ideal for active off-road enthusiasts and truck owners like yourself. Neoprene seat covers by Saddleman made from CR grade Neoprene assures exceptional water resistance and is easy to clean.

  • Leatherette Seat Covers by Saddleman

Popular among interior conservationists, Leatherette seat covers by Saddleman guarantees total protection of your original upholstery. Made for comfort, visual aesthetics, and durability, leatherette covers are resistant to abrasive damage. Moreover, they are breathable and resist mildew and mold growth. Albeit being a leather imitation, it is less expensive and very easy to clean.

  • Mega Tek HD3 Seat Covers by Saddleman

Megatek fabric is state of art made with superior anti-tear technology. MegaTek HD3 seat covers by Saddleman are extremely tough and are imbued with 3-layer high-density foam augmentation. Thus, the MegaTek HD3 seat covers are both durable and comfortable. A set of these provides long-lasting protection as it’s also waterproof and suitable for those who own pets.

  • Mossy Oak Camo Seat Covers by Saddleman

The Mossy Oak camo seat covers by Saddleman can handle whatever use thrown at them. They add visual aesthetics that can only be enjoyed by the forest hunter and outdoor enthusiast. They are also durable and protect your interior upholstery from dirt, grime, and mud. Moreover, their waterproof ability makes them easy to clean. Furthermore, the extra foam padding adds more comfort to an already comfortable ride!


The Toyota’s Tacoma is a great choice when deciding to hop into a truck for the absolute off-road experience. The truck guarantees a job well done and a fulfilling powerful driving experience. Seat cover ranges by Saddleman are suitable for trucks and SUV owners and with their custom fit, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Head over down to their dealership and get your Toyota seat covers, for guaranteed protection and added comfort to your superfluous seats.


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