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Blue World City Waterfront District Payment Plan


Blue World City is one of Pakistan’s gigantic housing ventures; thus, multiple blocks are at your service. Several property types give more options & an even varied, ranged & perfect investment opportunity as investors can buy any property as per their financial means. Talking about the property types, among all other exceedingly popular property types of Blue World City, Waterfront District too enjoys great standing & hype. It is so because not only is the Waterfront District payment plan, but the facilities offered in it, along with its exceptional location, give immense pertinence.

In addition, it is a perfect property type to invest in if you are looking for a balanced blend of professional opportunities & personal comforts. Also, investors do not need to worry about the excessive payment plan as it is highly economical; therefore, for present feasibility & future security, both boxes are perfectly ticked. Doesn’t that sound like an impeccable investment?

Blue Group of Companies

Blue World City, one of the massively successful, promising & gigantic housing ventures, is under the management of the ever-giant & worldly known Blue Group of Companies. The brand has been serving the real estate industry for more than 20 years now, meaning the confidence, assurance & expectation level, and skill have skyrocketed. Moreover, BGC has also tapped into many more industries and real estate. Whether in the retail sector, advertising world, clothing line or others, the bar set for perfection is second to flawlessness. Therefore, with a society like Blue World City, the expectation & execution level is at-par & top-tier.

Blue World City also shook hands with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, China, a Chinese firm. It is the very first time that a housing venture in Pakistan has collaborated with Chinese investors & that too at such a huge level. All these added aspects enhance the value of Blue World City to the next level. The society locates on Main Chakri Road, an exceedingly commercial area in the Twin Cities, so the investment is impeccable in all departments.

Waterfront District Payment Plan

Waterfront District Payment plan is all about seamless, feasible & economical investment, which is secure, safe & lucrative in its true meaning. It not only ticks the boxes of cheap spending in today’s day & age but gives high returns under the same investment in no time. So, timely investment after thorough research is highly advisable. However, here’s the waterfront district payment plan & its installment process;


The offered plot sizes in the residential block of the Waterfront district are 6,12 & 18, and Marla.

  • The total cost for 6 Marla is 1,750,000, along with 175,000 as the down payment & 17,500 for the monthly installment.
  • The total cost for 12 Marla is 3,150,000, along with 315,000 as the down payment & 31,500 for the monthly installment
  • The total cost for 18 Marla is 4,200,000, along with 420,000 as the down payment & 42,000 for the monthly installment

The monthly installments are spread over 40 months.


The offered plot size in the commercial block is 5 Marla;

  • 5 Marla total cost is 8,000,000. The 40 monthly installments will be 80,000 and 800,000 as the down payment.

Moreover, not only the waterfront district payment plan but the entire Blue World City payment plan in general for all its blocks are incredibly ranged & varied. Therefore, investors can have a rather seamless & easier booking process while securing the future.

Block Importance

There are a few reasons why the waterfront district of Blue World City holds & enjoys a vast amount of popularity & importance along with blocks. The major is the incredibly exceptional location of the Waterfront district in the society & then it trickles down to serving with the best facilities. Moreover, Blue World City as a society locates on Mian Chakri Road, which is a highly commercial, key & accessible location; therefore, waterfront district specific too, have an impeccable & ideal location. The aspects of skilled, trusted & experienced developers, high-end facilities & easy/affordable waterfront district payment plans, are the major reasons it continues to enjoy the ever-increasing hype among the masses.


Blue World City Waterfront district payment plan is as easy, affordable & economical as the society’s exceedingly wonderful & attractive features & facets. A perfect blend of professional gateways & personal luxuries in a nutshell. Moreover, the investment in the specific Blue World City & waterfront district will bring the present feasibility & comforts for the investors along with soon-to-turn lucrative returns in no time. In addition, thorough research before investing is always advisable. Remember that it is a highly ideal time to invest in society, considering the incredible Waterfront District Payment plan.

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