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Brake Maintenance 101: How to Take Care of Your Car’s Brake System

Keeping your car brakes in check is crucial to maintain a safe vehicle. It is also essential to keep this in mind if you want to sell any car in Dubai. A vehicle with a fully-functioning brake system is worth more than a car with a faulty one.

Without further ado, here are a few tips you can use to make sure your brakes are always in top shape.

1- Regular Checkups

The braking system of a car is made up of multiple components, and having your trusty mechanic take a look at them during your regular annual car check can prove useful in maintaining car safety and performance.

It is recommended that you check on your brakes at least once a year.

2- Notice Any Warning Signs

Regular checkups do prevent a lot of issues, but you still have to keep an eye out for any signs that scream: “the brakes aren’t working properly”. For example, you hear strange noises when you step on the brake pedal, or your car doesn’t respond as usual to the brakes, or the pedal feels weird whenever you apply pressure on it.

In case you come across any of these signs, you should have your car checked immediately.

3- Change Up Your Braking Techniques

The more pressure you apply on the brakes whenever you use them, the faster they’ll wear down. Try practicing softer and smoother braking styles by applying lighter pressure to increase the lifespan of your brake pads, and in turn your entire braking system.

You can also drive differently to save your brakes, try avoiding unnecessary sudden stops as they may weaken your brake pads prematurely.

Slow down before stepping on the brakes, and maintain a distance from the cars ahead of you to steer away from sudden braking.

4- Invest in High-Quality Brake System Components

When it comes to brakes and their crucial role in safety, you can’t be cheap. Invest a good amount into getting the best parts and maintaining their performance through regular checks to keep your car safe.

And in case your car ever needs any new brake parts, do not hesitate to buy them, it may cost a lot but it will definitely be cheaper than the aftermath of an accident.

5- 2 Words, Brake Fluid

The brake fluid transforms the pressure on the pedals to a power that stops the car, it has to be in a certain state to work well in all temperatures.

It is of high importance to check the fluid regularly for any increased moisture or change in color so you can change it and avoid further damage to your vehicle. It’s a rule of thumb to change brake fluid every 25,000 miles (around 40,000 km).

6- Bleed Your Braking Lines

Brake lines are pipes, or hoses, that transfer the brake fluid to where it needs to be. Brake lines might fill up with air over time, so it’s important to bleed the extra air out of the lines to avoid any malfunctions. Malfunctions cause your vehicle to lose value; However, you can always get an accurate car valuation in Dubai online with no costs whatsoever!.

The recommended maintenance check is once every two years, but you can do it if you notice any warning signs.

7- Travel Light

Keep your car’s load light, too much weight on the structure of the car can put extra work on the brakes.

Consider reducing your CARgo (pun intended) load to lengthen your brakes’ lifetime and keep them working properly.

8- Know Your Car

Although the principles of braking systems remain largely similar, there are many details that are specific to each model, it is important to know what YOUR car needs and what suits it best to know the best method of action.

Try browsing through your car’s manual or refer to it in case you need any help instead of getting generic advice from the internet. You can also ask your trusty mechanic for help.

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