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Choosing the Perfect Countertop for Your Updated Home Design

You are beginning to choose the finishes for your Morehead City kitchen or whole home renovation and are thinking about your countertops. Is gray granite still the color of choice? What if you are considering something more casual or desire a stone that fits in with your seaside lifestyle? Onslow Stoneworks is here to help with some trending options for some of the most popular contemporary decor concepts.

Pairing Classic Granite with Mid-century Open Concept Living

Did you knock down the wall in a 1960s ranch? Your new kitchen features sleek white cabinets, a large island, luxury vinyl plank flooring in wood grain, and cool tiles in calming blues and greens. Fortunately, a classic gray granite full of quartz flecks and a lively texture will naturally complement your updated design. And granite countertops retain their value when it is time to sell your home.

Pale Gray Quartz Provides a Blank Slate for Bohemian Color Pop

You embrace the creativity and bright colors of the Bohemian trend. But instead of going wild with a countertop choice, you may want to look at a light gray or off-white quartz such as Calacatta Jazz or Bianco Novella. The large neutral surface takes center stage in your open kitchen and dining area and is available for you to add a vase of wildflowers, bright linens, and a mismatched set of china from the antique store.

Select a Slab of Dark and Moody Stone for an Industrial Vibe

When transforming the loft space in an old downtown building, you want your countertop to help highlight the architectural features like the exposed brick and weather plank floors. A bespoke slab of soapstone in black or deep green will draw out more of that well-worn look with a wealth of veins and inclusions racing across its surface.

Cruise Through Soothing Samples for Your Mediterranean Beach Scene

How do you give your updated kitchen on Atlantic Beach that year-round vacation vibe? Bring the colors of the ocean inside with a recycled surface countertop in Kashmir or Himalaya that features bright pieces of glass mixed in with its sand-like base. Of course, you can also find a wealth of light brown and beige choices in quartz including Canvas, Bayshore Sand, and Waverton. They await your pale blue dinnerware and collection of seashells for a feast of crab and spotted sea trout.

Discover the Best Countertops in Morehead City at Onslow Stoneworks

Ultimately, the only way to be sure that you are choosing the perfect countertop for your kitchen or bath is to see the slab or sample in person. The experts down at Onslow Stoneworks welcome you to visit their showroom where you can place your cabinet, floor, paint, and tile samples next to your future worktop and make a more confident decision. Give them a call today.

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