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Corruption in Schools


After reading about the guy that was expelled from a private university in Nigeria, I do wonder what is wrong with our leaders, especially religious leaders. And what is wrong with our schools and education system in Nigeria.

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And also how we are so quick to blame our government yet we ourselves are messed up. Someone was expelled because of a post he made on his Facebook page.

Makes me wonder the kind of busybody that will carry the school to go and be reading what shouldn’t be an issue. If they had something g really important to do, I’m sure they won’t be snooping around Facebook pages of their students.

We live in a country where every sector of the system is messed up, yet they are quick to discard when you say or type something against them. A good leader listens and takes correction, not punish or fight those that challenge or speak against them.


One of the interviews I attended, one of the security men there was complaining to the other one about how he went to confront the school his child was attending for asking them to pay 1500 naira before they collect result and he was asked to blame the government. Imagine the nonsense abeg.

Blame the government for the extortion going on in your school? People now do nonsense and are so eager to blame it on our government. If schools were to pass through a form of thorough investigation and scrutiny, many schools would have closed and many staff whether teaching or non-teaching, would have been sacked.


I remember way back then in school when I asked my coursemates why we should be buying water for lecturers whenever they come to class to lecture, something most of them can not even do, cos very few lecturers actually know what they are teaching, yet they will be telling you A is for God.

So I was a bit angry and asked some of my course mates why buy water for lectures that can afford to give us a can of juice each if they wanted?

If they know their throats get dry while lecturing, what is stopping them from coming with their own water? Their response was simple, we have to treat them like gods so we will have good grades or don’t you want to pass?

I didn’t bother again. The same thing happened during our project writing, our supervisor will drive to school, and enter his office and then demand we buy him mountain dew and agbugbu before he touches our project.

This is a man that comes to school twice a week oo and attends to us once inside the two days he comes to school in a week. And the funny thing is you can’t report lecturers like this because others will gang up against you.

You just have to do what pleases them till you are done with school. If you try to oppose them, they turn you to public enemy number 1.

The day I went to collect my HND result, the woman in charge of our department, a non-teaching staff was like so you are bearing the same name with my son, and you made one of the best results in your set, my friend go and buy me malt before you take this result.

I didn’t want to buy the malt till my course mates started telling me Ifee since she has demanded better go and buy it because you won’t collect the result, I bought it and came back and she was like how can you buy only malt, what will I drink the malt with?

I had to rush off again and buy egg rolls, the other people in the office that weren’t responding when I previously greeted them started responding immediately ‘nna your result is very good, congrats’, ‘when I saw you I knew your result will be good cos you don’t look like those ones that came to play in school’, etc.


All these bullshit go on because we are so eager to point fingers at our government yet we can’t do the little we can.

We are busy waiting until we get to the level of government to do something.

Our education system is seriously messed up and decaying not just education aspect, other aspects too, you will pass through hell to complete your registration when you gain admission.

The same admission you were asked to pay acceptance fee oo, so it’s now your fault you were given admission. You will pass through hell to clearance, pass through hell to attend lectures, then meet lecturers that are out to make your life as a student miserable. Its worse for those students that failed any course or had a carryover.


Schools, whether nursery, primary, secondary or tertiary helps in teaching morals too, not just churches, because even schools owned by religious leaders are as messed up as public schools.

These schools are supposed to help in the formative life of every educated Nigerian, but what we see and pass through in schools make me wonder why people think our government is the only ones at fault.

The change has to begin somewhere, and it should begin with admitting that no one is true and pure or devoid of corruption in this country, not even our church leaders or religious leaders.

Everyone is a crook in this country, most of these religious leaders are just legal scammers. If our religion and our school can no longer help to teach us morals, where do we learn it from? What is the hope of our children? What examples are we planning to leave for them?


I don’t even want to touch the side of parents, because some of them follow keep Nigeria for this kind of condition.

Imagine some parents who are leaders and members of various religious groups in their churches help their kids to cheat by giving them money to pay for expos during exams. Some even pay for their kids to get admission into schools, then have the guts to give glory to God when the admission comes or when the kids pass the exams. But this is a story for another day.


My opinion- everyone in this country needs re-orientation because everyone is messed up and corrupt in this country, not just the government. We need to start making this changes from nursery school. We have talked a lot in this country, its time to start acting.


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