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Different Ways to Organise Your Car Keys


The process to organise your car keys can be a challenging but rewarding task. There are multiple ways to store and organise your keys. Car and home keys can sometimes be put together on an easy keychain. But sometimes people prefer putting them separately. The situation is also actual when there are keys for the individual workplace, garage entry and room. If so, you must choose whether you need the space or garage keys regularly. 

Only purchasing the best keychain for bike would only work if you know how to organise the keys efficiently. You can put your car, bike, and room keys in different places if you can access them. Even if there are not enough keys in your home, keeping your car and bike keys organised can save you from wasting unnecessary time finding them.

When organising riding gears, you must also manage car keys. Your car keys are one of the primary things you need to take care of because it helps you enter the car. You must carry out multiple steps before organising the car keys. This article addresses those steps that will be helpful for you to manage your keys efficiently. 

How to Organise Your Car Keys?

If your car keys are joined collectively with multiple other options of the keys you use, like mailbox keys, house keys, and office keys, you first need to get rid of all the other keys. The keys you do not remember the use of or the ones you have not used for a long time must be discarded. Here are some other steps to help you effectively organise the car keys. 

  • Make sure to follow the organising pattern because after you finish decluttering the organising step, you must follow it. Make sure to do the proper organising session with your keys. 
  • Start by putting the initially used car keys on a keychain, followed by multiple other keys. It will help you be capable of reaching out for the vehicle keys as quickly as possible. 
  • If there are multiple keys in your home, develop an organised process to keep all the keys separated according to usage. Make two sets of keys, including occasional purpose use and daily use. It will help you have another option to keep your car keys. Purchase the best keychain for your car keys, add them, and keep them in a separate place to always remember to take them. 
  • Once you know the function of all the keys in your home, you can try the colour-coding method and use multiple essential toppers and tags. You can also use DIY processes like nail polish to mark your home and car keys. Paint the top portion of your keys in multiple colours to differentiate them. You can also utilise tape, acrylic paint and thread. 
  • Make sure to purchase a good quality keychain online from a website selling car accessories and group all the keys within the keychain. You do not want your car key ring to become heavy so that it damages the vehicle. Choose a separate keychain for daily home keys on a chain. Purchase a metal keychain for keeping your car keys in that way. 
  • You can also purchase critical bags and wallets having additional pockets to carry your car keys. It can help you attach your car keys and zip them up within a wallet to make you access them whenever you need them. 

Apart from these, you can always purchase a pivotal organiser to Mount your car keys and get them by searching for the product online. You will find multiple options, and the one that matches your choice and preference can be the one you should purchase. You can also keep the keys in the drawer or use simple organic bags along with labels to organise the keys. You can also buy a drawer organiser for your car and use it for multiple other uses. 

Mount hooks available come with a self-adhesive feature that will prevent you from digging holes in your walls. One such accessory can be used to hang your car keys so you always keep them. You do not need to drill your wall; you can use sticky tape to hang your keys. It is one of the best options for people who live in a rented apartment. It is one of those accessories that can help you remove it whenever you need it without damaging the walls. 


These are some of the ways to organise your car keys. If you are looking forward to purchasing car accessories to collect your car keys, you may come across multiple websites selling these accessories at affordable prices online. Visit Carorbis, one of those websites with a wide range of key chains and essential additions to help you efficiently organise your keys. 

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