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Does Payday Loan Consolidation Help You In Refinancing?

It is never easy to find yourself in debt, and it can be hard to borrow money—but sometimes, you have no choice. Sometimes, you may need a short-term loan to support your family. Other times, you may take out a loan at exorbitant rates to tide yourself over until payday; then, the trouble starts. The below-mentioned portion is all about how payday loan debt consolidation helps you in refinancing and how many people use them as an alternative means of consolidating financial troubles or paying off high-interest loans with low monthly repayments affordable for them and their families.

Key Knowledge

Many people who take out a payday loan are already in debt and need help to repay the entire loan. Therefore, when they take a payday loan, they obviously cannot tell the lender that they require the payday loan help to pay off all their other debts. That would be counterproductive. Thus, when you consolidate your debts with a payday loan and make monthly payments on one reliable repayment schedule, you can also quickly repay your existing debts.

Enjoy a Lower APR

In most cases, you can choose a payday loan with an interest rate much lower than what you are paying on your high-interest credit card, overdraft, or store card. The APR of a payday loan is usually around 18 percent; in most cases, it will be higher if you pay it off within 12 months. By consolidating with a payday loan, you can save over six percent of your monthly repayments on a debt averaging $1,000.

If you make monthly repayments of approximately $500 each month on a credit card debt of $1,500 at 18 percent (equivalent to an APR of 29%), you need to borrow approximately $4500. Payday loan costs are high, but this is the only option some borrowers have. In addition, payday loan debt consolidation helps you refinish because they have lower APRs than regular payday loans.

Spread Your Payments Over a Comfortable Period

Once you pay off your payday loan and collateral, the borrowed amount is returned to you. In case of an overdraft loan or overdraft card, your money is taken by the lender to cover any additional sum that you have overdrawn. In addition, in the case of a store card or credit card, there will be a penalty for each day you make late payments. The penalty will be a fixed percentage charge on the entire amount to be paid. However, with a payday loan, such fines are not levied on late payments and are only imposed if you do not repay within the given time frame. Thus, it is more comfortable if you do not worry about late fees, penalties, and other such charges.

Stress-Free Experience

You will be relaxed when taking out a payday loan because they offer you plenty of payday loan help. It would help if you were sure that you could pay the loan off in the time frame you have set for yourself. Most of the loans are given out on a payday basis, and the money is paid back over a week, after which it is returned to you. Hence there is no worry about overdraft charges, penalties, or late payments, and therefore you will find your stress levels reduced. If you have a bad credit history, a payday loan will always be accepted by people you. These loans are sanctioned government, so you can take one without checking your credit report. Only the proper documents are required when applying for a payday loan.

Reduce Your Debt Load

A payday loan consolidates all your other debts into one payment. It not only saves you money but also reduces your interest repayments and gives you a chance to work towards reducing the overall debt burden by paying off loans faster, thus reducing monthly repayments over time. If you could have consolidated all your debts at one time, it would have also helped here.

Get You a Better Interest Rate

In the case of a payday loan, you enjoy a better interest rate – as such loans are sanctioned by the government – than other loans, which may not be. Even in cases where the interest rates are similar, payday loans give you better conditions in terms of penalties and late payment fees. The other advantage is that they may include collateral charges, but they might be forgiven when you meet certain conditions. In short, if your credit report is not that good, it is easy to get a reduced-interest loan with no collateral in its place.


Many people have benefitted from payday loan debt consolidation. It is used by the poorer sections of society, the middle classes, or even the higher classes to eliminate their debt burden. The loans are easy to get, and once you repay them on time, you will find that your credit record gets better too.

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