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Do’s And Don’ts Of Grooming Your Dog At Home

Behind a healthy and happy doggo, there are treats, toys, loving pet parents and dog grooming. Grooming our pooch regularly is the most important aspect of being a responsible pet parent. Your dog’s overall well being depends on how you take care of them. Things which seem minor are actually extremely important such as brushing, shaving, bathing, trimming, paw cleaning, etc. At the same time, it is also crucial that you know how to do these things in the right way so that there are no mishaps and that includes using the best dog grooming supplies.

Do’s of Dog Grooming

Let us dive into the do’s of the procedure of grooming your dog before we talk about the don’ts. Mentioned below are a few important points that you can follow if you want to do dog grooming at home.

  • Always groom regularly: Did you know that your dog is most susceptible to picking up a skin infection if not groomed on a regular basis? This is why we cannot emphasize enough on the importance of regular dog grooming. They can get matts in their coat or develop complicated medical conditions as well, if not looked after. This is even more important when we talk about long haired dogs. However if you have a short haired dog you must ensure that you trim their nails from time to time, check their skin for any bumps, brush their teeth and give them proper baths with a hydrating shampoo.
    • Skin care is im-paw-tent: If your pooch has healthy skin then it is a bright indication of their good health. This is why it is pivotal to check your furry’s skin in regular intervals and see a vet immediately if you find any bumps, excessive hair loss or other skin troubles. Another point to keep in mind is when you see your pooch licking, chewing or biting their skin excessively – it could be an indication of an underlying skin problem. Dog grooming helps you keep a keen eye on your furry’s skin and be watchful for any problems. Therefore, always check the skin when grooming your pooch.
    • Woof for oral health: Simply bathing or brushing your pooch is not enough. You also need to take care of your furry’s oral health. Bad breath and gum disease can become a source of a much more serious health condition. Therefore, when you start dog grooming at home, you must make sure that you brush their teeth with a dog friendly toothpaste. You can also give your furry dental dog treats that help in preventing tartar build up and maintain overall oral hygiene.
  • Always keep treats handy: Many dogs do not enjoy grooming and we dont blame them.. It does take some time to be brushed, bathed and dried! You can make this procedure entertaining and happy for them by keeping some treats in hand. For instance, you can reward your puppy or adult dog for staying still while being brushed with a yummy treat. This will make your pooch associate dog grooming to a positive reward!

Don’ts of Dog Grooming at Home

While grooming your dog at home is a wonderful idea and the best way to bond with your pooch, it does require following certain protocols – for an effective and happy grooming experience! Mentioned below are a few ‘don’ts’ that you can avoid during dog grooming at home.

  • Do not use human products: It is always a great idea to groom your dog yourself as it helps you bond better with your furry and spend time with them. But it is also crucial to keep in mind that you do NOT use human products on them. Most people end up using personal shampoo on their pooch because it seems convenient. But, it is extremely harmful for your pooch. It will cause more damage than good. You must always use a dog shampoo as it has the right pH level for your furry’s skin and is gentle in nature. Human products may even cause irritations or rashes on your furry’s skin.
  • Never brush damp fur: A key point to remember if you want to do dog grooming at home is that you should never brush damp or wet fur. Brushing wet hair only creates more tangles and knots making it a painful experience for your furry. Always be gentle while brushing the hair and do it when it is dry.

These were a few do’s and don’ts of dog grooming. We hope they help you in grooming your furry better. You can always hop on to the Zigly experience center for a fun filled day with your pooch where you can groom, shop, play and meet the vet. Or you can simply book an at home grooming session where the experts will visit your home and groom your pooch in the most perfect way!

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