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Download Nigerian Navy past questions for free [pdf. ]


NIGERIAN NAVY (NN) Examination Question Format The Nigerian Navy Examination consist of three basic parts which are

  1. English language
  2. Mathematics
  3. General Knowledge

English language They consist of opposite in meaning, nearest in meaning and filling the gap. There are usually 20 questions in all. Mathematics They consist of percentage, ratio, simple interest, sets, probability, sets, statistics, conversions, simple and compound interest, age and work, area and volumes, profits and loss e.t.c.

In all there are usually 20 questions to answer. General Knowledge This question usually covers a wide area including the other subjects like chemistry, physics, biology, history of Nigeria, Nigeria current affair, all about Nigerian Air Force, World organizations such as OPEC, UN, ECOWAS, OAU as well as knowledge of information technology e.t.c. In all there are usually 10 questions, sometimes even 20 questions.

Nigerian Navy Pastquestions 1

Nigerian Navy Pastquestions 2

Nigerian Navy Pastquestions 3



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