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Easy to rent floor scrubber machine for floor cleaning.

Today’s floor scrubbers are the foremost leading floor scrubber machine rental everywhere the market. These floor machines like Duplex 340, Duplex 420, and Duplex 620 are the sole floor scrubber and carpet cleaner which will operate any flooring surface in only one single pass.

Floor scrubbers are highly portable and straightforward to use floor cleaning machines ideal for wall-to-wall cleaning and suitable for a good range of hard and soft floor coverings.

How does it work?

Floor scrubber may be a powerful carpet cleaner especially for top traffic areas and restores carpets like new again. Fill the 2 solution tanks with plain water, plug it in and choose floor setting. On starting the ground machine, the twin large capacity clean solution tanks will dispense liquid evenly along the full-length of both agitator brushes at the speed of 650RPM. this may remove the dirt in both directions of the fiber and collects it within the central waste tank which will be emptied easily.

Benefits and Advantages of Floor Scrubbers:

* Fast and effective; replaces mops, buckets, scrubbers, polishers, and carpet extractors with one compact unit.

* Has four brushes which will be changed to suit different floor cleaning tasks.

* Compact and therefore the highly maneuverable machine which will clean large carpeted or hard floor areas in no time.

* Under-mat surface isn’t wet during cleaning thus reduce the drying time.

* Easy to use, no heavy pushing, pulling, or lifting.

* Saves time and money

floor cleaning machine rental also is impressive floor scrubbers. it’s an ultimate solution that deeply cleans all the tiny pores of uneven ceramics and stones. It cleans tiles also because of the grout. Unlike traditional floor cleaners and mops, Duplex floor scrubber doesn’t recycle dirty water.

Ideal for:

* Small & medium size supermarkets and department shops

* Healthcare cleaning, veterinary cleaning; community and fitness centers cleaning

* Maintaining high levels of hygiene for hotels, kitchens, and restaurants

A multi-purpose floor cleaning machine is flexible enough which will be used efficiently on almost any floor surfaces including vinyl, timber, safety floors, profiled rubber and ceramic, natural stone, flex, and carpets. At this point, floor cleaning has never been very easy with floor scrubbers.


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