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Flat Tyre Frustration: How To Deal With A Flat Tyre On The Road

Being a driver comes with having flat tyres. Over the course of their driving career, the average driver should expect to encounter five flat tyres. Therefore, knowing what to do in a flat tyre is crucial. Additionally, securing car insurance is crucial for any vehicle owner, providing protection and peace of mind in unforeseen circumstances. A third-party online car insurance policy is mandatory as per the law.

What To Do If Your Tyre Goes Flat

What should you do when you realise you have a flat tyre? When you have a flat tyre, follow these three steps.

  1. Look For A Secure Parking Spot

If you discover a flat tyre before driving, move to step two. If it happens while driving, safely slow down and pull to a suitable location, preferably a parking lot. Use hazard lights for visibility and avoid narrow roads or bridges to ensure safety for you and others.

  1. Make Your Own Tyre Change Or Call Roadside Assistance

Flat tyres often occur at the most inconvenient times. You frequently need more time to diagnose and immediately fix your tyre’s issue thoroughly. To get to a tyre shop, all you have to do is swap out the flat tyre for your spare.

Roadside assistance services through your car insurance can remove and replace your flat tyre with a spare tyre. The area beneath your trunk is where most cars store a spare tyre. You can organise your trunk to make it easier for the technician to access the spare while you wait for assistance to arrive. If your vehicle lacks a spare, the mechanic may have to tow you to a repair facility. If you are considering a car insurance policy, you can utilise a car insurance premium calculator to estimate the costs of paying premiums. Always make sure to carry out the car insurance renewal process on time. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *

You can skip waiting for roadside assistance by learning to change a tyre from your driver’s ed course. Practice changing a flat to a spare in your driveway to boost your confidence for unexpected situations.

  1. Replace Or Repair The Flat As Soon As Possible

You can now operate your car since your spare is in place. Spare tyres are less stable than regular tyres, so you must exercise extra caution. Proceed cautiously. Moreover, think about leaving your hazard lights on.

It is best to go directly to a tyre shop so that a trained professional can check your tyres and determine whether they can be repaired or replaced. After that, the mechanic can replace your spare tyre with a fixed or new one and let you drive away!

You should be able to return to your starting point if you travel to a significant location, like work. Just schedule a time to visit the tyre shop right away.

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