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Getting Used to the Weather in El Paso

El Paso is nationally known as a town that still seems to live up to the Texas cliches that have permeated the media for the last hundred years.  On the far west side of the state, this thriving city has a lot going for it: but the weather is hard to overcome.  For people new to the area, the mixture of dry heat and chilly winters can be enough to drive them back out.  Here’s how to deal with the temperature issues and why it’s the perfect city to live in.

The Sun Is A Hazard

Although you may think that sunlight is the same regardless of where you are, El Paso’s dry air is thinner than a more humid area, and because of that, you can burn and blister faster.  For someone with skin sensitivity to the sunlight because of lupus or some other disease, this could be detrimental to your health.

Instead of risking your hide for some summertime fun outside, consider purchasing sunscreen.  Use it liberally over your legs, arms, neck, and face, based on how many layers of fabric you have to protect your skin.

Always Drink Water

Water is your first and last defense against the dry air and intense heat when looking at El Paso real estate.  This dry heat will sap any moisture out of you, so ensure that you have enough water in your body to deal with it.  If you feel hot and find yourself unable to sweat, it’s time to go inside and talk to a medical professional.  Heatstroke sets in fast and hard, so be careful and do what you can to help others around you who are suffering.

SPF Chapstick and Lotion Are Friends

Sometimes the best defense against sunlight is the things you don’t even think about.  In all of this dry air, you will undoubtedly need lotion and chapstick if these products are already SPF, which gives you the chance to consider bumping them up in potency.  Once you hit around 30 SPF, you’re blocking 97% of sunlight, so it’s okay if you don’t want to go higher than that.  Avoid gimmicky products.  If a product says it’s SPF100, then it’s not worth it; they’re just trying to get your business off of a gimmick.

Temperatures Drop At Night

You’ll notice that temperatures drop quickly after dark in large and flat areas like the El Paso valley.  The moment the sun sets, the temp will drop by at least ten degrees.  As the night wears on, the city will get colder until it usually levels out in the low 60s.  If you get cold quickly, consider keeping some sweaters in your car so that the moment you’re cold, you can warm up and be cozy again.  This doesn’t happen every night, but it’s nice to be prepared in case you get caught in the cold.

This historic city works hard to keep up the reputation it built for itself.  Although the weather can be complicated for newcomers, once you earn your spot in this city, it’s worth it!  El Paso is always open to newbies to help add to its long story.

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