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Good Branding – Online business


As Yali saar will simply put “when it comes to branding, don’t overthink it”.

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The birth of each day has never failed to bring opportunities to our door steps and there is no argument to the fact that the internet has proven to be the hub of opportunities to great wealth untold. During the course of this article I will specifically touch on the massive effect of good branding as relates to making good money online.

The choice of brand style of any company or firm can best be described as the face of that business or the first impression of any business, as I fondly describe it.

It has been a unique market strategy in boosting an online business. Both private and group owned businesses constantly change their branding style in order to attract and retain new customers. Some of the reasons for this are mentioned but not restricted to the below.

  • Build Trust

The first thing a brand must be envisioned to do is to gain the trust of clients or customers on the brand in order to develop and maintain a high reputation when it comes to a categorized choice of product, for instance there is a reason why you will want to trust a delivery company to deliver your products or food, there is a reason you will always prefer to use a particular online shopping outlet for your shopping instead of other choices you might have, the trust on brand allows competent customers to start noticing your brand which will eventually lead to much growth, visits and sales.

  • Recognition Power

We all know what recognition or popularity can do to a business or enterprise, well if you don’t let me spell it out by saying that you will enjoy easy sales, speed growth, more international deals, let’s not forget the riches, thereby stating the obvious that working on your brand with a strong attention paid to creating a unique branding proposition can launch you to be successful in any online business.

Create an outstanding logo, build a brand voice in a specific area that gives recognition, have a compelling mission statement.

  • Competition

Competition has always been and will always remain the only fight any business will have to put up with when it comes to strategy and haunt for customers, thereby saying that you must to be doing something special in order to get recognition and stay on top of the competition. Here good branding will give you a high competitive advantage, reduce the need of spending excessively on rebranding when a new competitor emerges.

  • Preference Level

A good branding will undoubtedly increase your preference level when you are looking forward to either partner with another brand, or when you are scaled among your competitors. When your business name alone gains a huge reputation and trust added to your compelling selling proposition and your keep to your word policy; this are the hook to an unbeaten preference level acquisition.

  • Back Referral Links

This is widely achieved when a new or existing customer is satisfied with the quality of your content or what you sell, they will always go ahead to recommend you or refer others to you, they will end up promoting you even when you don’t know it. They will always uphold your brand, for example when a customer is vouching for your product and listing all the ways they are satisfied in such a way that they end up convincing a new client for patronage like when your friend wants to get a haircut and you know a very good salon for that purpose.   

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

People will always search for a recognized brand and not the brand with the highest advert or promotion, if you seek promotion before brand building you will spend more and still might not get the recognition. Good branding will make people always search for you and once they do that, it helps your brand to rank the highest and also it helps to invite other online visitors and no matter how many persons bearing the same name, when they spot your brand, the recognition will stand out.

Here are some strong attributes/strategies of a brand you should have in mind when you are working on a brand:

# Its always about the customers not you

# It must be simple and concise (less complicated)

# Brands are all about emotions and colours evoke them best

# Continuity should be static.

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