Has life ever been easy? No! Has anyone ever achieved the feat of pleasing everyone? No! Will people always judge the kind of life you live?

Yes! Will it stop you from living your life? No! So why keep trying to please people and forget to be happy with what you do when they will always have nonsense to say?

I just had to write this stuff after a post I saw. The post is something like ‘keep clubbing and partying and smoking with guys, after they will leave you and marry a good girl, then use you to give testimony in the church’.

Please for all intents and purposes, this statement is bullshit and filled with crap. The problem is that we Nigerians think going to church makes one a good person.

My question is do we really have good and bad girls in this world? Everyone at some point is good and at some point bad. Until you can spend a full day and night with a girl for a full year, I will never believe she is good cos you said so.

So a girl that likes clubbing and partying with guys and likes smoking is a bad girl Abi? In who’s definition abeg? Or is it because your church says so? Biko how exactly is your life and the life of your men of God?

Have you even tried for once to know the reason behind that ‘bad’ girl’s lifestyle? Have your for once tried to stop judging her and understand that this makes her happy and since she’s not harming anyone she should live her life the way she wants?

Fela was a chronic smoker, and yet not only did he attract a lot of women, he became a musical icon that even musicians of today look up to.

I ask again, how are you sure the girl you call good is actually good? Oh! Because she doesn’t smoke and party?

Because she goes to church? I know a girl that spends most if her time going to church, to the extent that she became an example, to other girls, but we later got to find out that this same rev. Sis. Virgin Mary, can suck dick for Africa.

Abeg na for church she learn blow job? Truth is most good girls are just a bunch of pretenders, meet them one on one and they will show you the difference between 12 and a dozen.

For me oo! People who judge people they haven’t actually spent time with,with religion instead of actual morals are the most confused set of individuals, and the pretentious good girls are a million times worse than the bad girls.

Dear ladies, concentrate on living your life the way it makes you happy. A man who will love you will love every aspect of your life. He may even be attracted to you because of your lifestyle.

And if one day he leaves you then it wasn’t meant to be. What’s even the guarantee that being a good girl is a guarantee that you will have a good man or a good marriage?

If really you have to be a good girl to get a man, please why do we still have single good girls around? Or men don’t see them?

This life is just but a race, run your own the way you know how to and leave people to do so without being judgmental about it, especially if you haven’t even spent time with the person you are busy judging.

Who says marriage is the ultimate goal for everyone? Or is it a crime to be single? I know some single ladies that are happier than the married ones, I know some Happy and successful single moms too.

Base your life on what makes you Happy and who will love you will love you for that.

Article Credit…

Uwakwe Ifechukwu.



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