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Growing problem of pimples in teenagers

 Sometimes it feels like your acne is getting out of control when you wake up in the morning, and see a big mark on your nose or any corner of your face. There are many different ways that you can get rid of such skin problems. For an expert opinion, you can contact the best skin specialist in Rawalpindi.


When sebum fills the pores in the skin, pimples begin to appear which causes greasiness in the skin and hair. This skin problem is common in teenagers during hormonal changes. If you are fond of makeup, make sure to remove it before going to bed. Do not use crappy makeup that is old and smelly.

If you want to avoid such conditions as pimples, wash your face twice a day with an antiseptic soap. Massaging in a circular motion is more effective for your face. Washing your face excessively can make your skin irritated. Repeated touching of the pimples can spread the germs-producing material to the other parts of the skin. Never wear a tight dress in case acne appears on the body.

Sun and Skin:

We need to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It is important to avoid strong sunlight but no one wants to stay locked in a room. Of course, sunlight provides vitamin D to your body. However, it should be necessary for us to wear sunscreen before going out in the sun.

Lotion produces more positive results than spray and plays an important role in the improvement of the skin. The sun’s rays can be more dangerous from 10 o’clock to 4 o’clock.


Eczema makes the skin dry, itchy, and red. Eczema symptoms are not the same in all people. If you want to avoid eczema, you need to prevent heavily scented soaps and lotions. It also matters a lot what kind of clothes you wear.

Depression and anxiety:

Acne and pimples on the face cause depression and anxiety in teenagers. On the other hand, research has also proven that clearing acne reduces the inferiority complex. If you notice that your teen is showing a lack of interest in daily activities, contact your dermatologist for pimple treatment. Try to give your teen a one-on-one appointment with a dermatologist so that he can tell his problems without any hesitation.

Difference between men and women’s skin.

Remember, that there is a lot of difference between a woman’s skin and a man’s skin. The hormones of the two are also in contrast to one another.

Male Acne:

Teenage boys and girls usually develop acne and pimples due to excess sebum. Sweating can also increase these breakouts. When teenagers are prone to acne, the severity of the pimples can lead to scarring on the face.

Female Acne:

While men largely have more harmful spells than women, there are mostly women who suffer from these problems. Hormones can be blamed for all these complications. Hormonal modifications in the body during pregnancy and menopause, increase the risk of acne breakouts.


  • It is essential to clear extra dirt and oil from the skin by cleaning regularly and after sweating.
  • Over washing the face may cause the skin to become dry, which can worsen pimples.
  • It often happens that people start rubbing the skin with a rough pad whereas doing so should be avoided.
  • Applying a soft brush cleanser on the face can help prevent pimples.
  • Excess oil also moves to the skin which increases the severity of acne. Proper hair care and washing can prevent the growth of pimples.
  • Sometimes, oily products which are applied to the hair make pimples. It is important to avoid these products for the prevention of pimples.
  • The addiction to squeezing pimples may be tempting but this process leaves behind indelible scars.
  • To remove facial scars utilize topical remedies. These remedies take some time to show their effect but play a vital role in preventing new pimples from forming.
  • Topical retinoids assist to shed and grow new skin cells quickly, which supports lessening pore-clogging.

 If you are interested in getting rid of acne and pimples completely from your face you can contact the Best skin specialist in Lahore.

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