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How do you make condensed milk for cakes

We all like it from a young age, even though we know it is not convenient to abuse its consumption. So that you do not depend on having the classic can at home, today I will explain how to make homemade condensed milk, always have it on hand for cake recipes, prepare a chocolate coffee or use it in many sweet preparations.

It is a very simple recipe, which only has two ingredients, whole milk and white sugar, and which is based -as its name suggests- on reducing the sweetened milk little by little so that it condenses as it evaporates while it goes thickening.

Once prepared, we can store the condensed milk in the fridge, where it will last us a few days -if we overcome the temptation to raid the fridge-. I usually make small amounts, only what I will need when I want to make a cake or icing for a dessert, and I enjoy some chocolate coffee with what I have leftover, and thus I do not overdo it.


For six people

Whole milk 300 ml

Sugar 200 g

How to make homemade condensed milk

Difficulty: Easy

total time 45 m

elaboration 5 m

Cooking 40 m

Put the sugar in a saucepan and add the milk, stirring well to dissolve it, while turning on the heat. We let it cook over low heat since our goal is for the milk to reduce as the water evaporates. We do it with the fire at a minimum to prevent the milk from rising and overflowing.

From time to time, we stir with the rods, especially in the area of ​​​​the edges because that is where the foam of the cream forms and begins to solidify. After about ten minutes, we will notice that the milk thickens and changes colour, but there is still a long way to go before it has its texture.

When the milk has reduced to a third of its volume, and if we pass a spoon, a path begins to be marked, we turn off the heat since we must not forget that when the condensed milk cools, it will thicken a little more. So we take advantage of the fact that it is still fluid to proceed with packaging it.

To pack the condensed milk, you can use sterilised glass jars or jars with a rubber gasket so that it can be kept under a vacuum or practically that way so that it does not spoil and will last for a few days in the fridge.

What can you use homemade condensed milk in?

You already know that you can use the homemade condensed milk recipe in many cake recipes, such as horchata toast, in the preparation of sponge cakes and cupcakes, and in other sweet preparations, such as this incredible and creamy lemon ice cream. In addition to those uses for confectionery, I am in love with café bombón. This espresso is served over one or two fingers of condensed milk to enjoy its unmistakable flavour. It is worth making this simple recipe.

Homemade condensed milk flan recipe

There are many homemade flan recipes that we have made at DAP, from the traditional to the coffee flan, and we like that the recipe book continues to grow. This time we make a homemade custard with condensed milk, the most greedy version of this type of custard, in which we will also avoid adding more sugar to the recipe.

When we make easy and quick desserts with eggs, as with custard, Catalan cream, crème Brûlée or with custards, the important thing about the recipe is that it is juicy and creamy, and we do not go overboard.

In this case, we are also going to make a homemade caramel that has no loss and whose recipe you can also find here. Nothing will happen if you don’t want to make homemade caramel and prefer to buy one.

It is a recipe with no loss beyond mixing the ingredients correctly so that the egg does not burn and the mixture does not get too caked.

For people

Milk 350g _

liquid cream for cooking 125ml _

Yolk 6g _

Egg 3g _

sugar for caramel 75g _

Lemon Two strips of skin

Vanilla Half pod

Condensed milk 250g _

How to make homemade condensed milk flan
Difficulty: Easy

total time 55m _

Elaboration 15m _

Cooking 40m _

Make the caramel over low heat until dark and put it in the bottom of the mould of 15 centimetres in diameter. Infuse the milk and cream with the scraped vanilla and lemon peel for 15 minutes.

Mix the eggs, yolks and condensed milk. Strain the milk and cream over the eggs and stir well. Put in the mould and cook in the oven at 170 degrees in a water bath for 35-40 minutes.

Let stand and unmold cold.

With what to accompany the homemade condensed milk flan
Condensed Milk Flan

Very easy to make and quick, this condensed milk flan doesn’t need to be a cook to have it up and running in 25 or 30 minutes. But, as it is powerful, we recommend that it not accompany particularly dense or heavy recipes. For example, a little grilled fish will be perfect if you have an appetiser, a salad, or a light second course, such as chicken breast.

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