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How Swimwear Can Cultivate Body Positivity

When you go to a beach, you go intending to have a lot of fun. You want to dive into the sea, walk by the shore, and enjoy the breeze hitting your face. However, going to the beach or a pool is almost like a nightmare for many people. They ask themselves if they will look bad once they get into their swimsuits.

It’s almost 2023, and it’s time to break the idea that everyone can’t wear swimwear. Many brands that sell swimwear in Australia are coming up with sizes and designs that promote body positivity and inclusivity. So, why is swimwear a symbol of people embracing their bodies?

Bikini Body? What’s That?  

There was a time when people were completely obsessed with trying to fit into certain beauty standards. In Australia, 1 out of 50 persons suffers from body image disorder. Being tall and skinny, without a single sign of fat in the body, was the right body type for swimwear. While the world has come a long way, people still feel conscious about wearing swimsuits. They believe that their body is not meant for it, or their body will look “unflattering.”

Now, people are trying to ditch the idea of a “bikini body” because there’s no such thing as that. There’s no specific body type that was made to fit into a swimsuit; everyone deserves to wear and feel good in it. Regressive beauty standards shouldn’t hold anyone back from having a good time.

Your Body Is Beautiful, So Embrace It

The idea that people are beautiful despite their imperfections is slightly incorrect. The problem with the statement lies in the fact that people are made to believe that they have imperfections in the first place. If there’s something imperfect, it must mean that something is perfect too, and can beauty ever be “perfect”?

Your body is beautiful; that’s the only truth you must believe. Embrace every inch of yourself and know that no one should say that you have flaws, and most importantly, don’t say it to yourself! Loving and accepting your body is one first few steps to body positivity. This is why more brands must make more size-inclusive swimwear in Australia.

Swimwear Brands are Becoming More Aware, Too.

Gone are the days when brands made swimwear exclusively for a particular body type. Size 12 is no longer a sign of inclusivity.

Many brands in Australia have started making swimwear that is inclusive of different body types, shapes, and sizes. That has been a blessing for many people as it has made shopping for swimwear in Australia accessible and, of course, more fun.

They interact with people of different body types to understand their requirements. Now, you can go to any beach in Australia, be it Whitehaven in Queensland or Perth’s Scarborough Beach, and you’ll find people from different backgrounds of places rocking swimsuits, looking stunning, and having a gala time with their pals.

Final Verdict: Rock That Swimsuit!

Any clothing, be it an astronaut suit or a swimsuit, should be worn with pride and confidence. Don’t think about what others will think about you. If you think you look good, that’s enough. As more brands in Australia are beginning to take a step towards size-inclusive and sustainable fashion, it shows the effort people are trying to put in to make everyone will good in their skin. So, the next time you have doubts about whether you should wear a swimsuit, tell yourself, yes!

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