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How to Choose Free Email Marketing Programs-Finding The Best

If you’re hurting for cash and are looking for a reliable email marketing program, you might be surprised by how many options there are out there. You might also be surprised by how much a few of these programs cost. But before we get any further, let’s quickly define the difference between an email list manager and an email marketing program. Email marketers depend on large-scale software programs to manage their email lists while list managers prefer to maintain the lists themselves since they typically only communicate one-on-one with subscribers. Youtubestorm also helps you to gain more subscribers like real through Youtube. Consider your email marketing program to be this program is responsible for collecting subscribers and building the list.

How To Choose Free Email Marketing Programs

Table Of Contents

  1. How to Choose Free Email Marketing Programs

1.1. Best Free Email Marketing Programs

First I want to start by saying that you have made a great decision looking for free email marketing programs to help launch your email marketing campaign. Below are some helpful tips on how to choose free email marketing programs that way you get the right one for you.

Just understand that eventually you will have to graduate from free email marketing programs to a paid version that will offer you more features and allow you to send more emails to more subscribers.

Don’t fret, this is a good thing.

It means that your business is growing and that your email marketing campaign is growing your businesses capitol.

So by this point you will be welcoming the thought of switching to paid service providers so you can further expand your already growing business.

The first thing you should do is read the terms of service for any email marketing providers that you are interested in starting an email marketing campaign.

This way you can eliminate any of the ones that do not support the ambitions of your future marketing strategies.

Also make sure that the service providers you are choosing from have a good track record of abiding by the CAN-Spam act and no matter what NEVER promote anything that is blacklisted by the FTC.

You don’t want to associate your business with one that is already tainted or that has a bad business rating from the FTC.

Another thing that you are going to want to do (if you haven’t already) is to read the CAN-SPAM act for yourself so you are aware of the email marketing guidelines you need to operate within.

If you are not sure where to find the CAN-SPAM rules or are just a little unsure of the email marketing do’s and don’ts than you should give the CAN-SPAM rules a once over.

Or for your convenience you can click here for the CAN-SPAM act.

Like with everything on the web you will find all kinds of different options and that goes for free email marketing programs as well.

Just keep in mind what direction you are trying to take your email marketing campaign and you should have no trouble deciding which free email service provider to choose.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a provider to launch your campaign with and if you have read my post on email marketing trends 2014 than you already know a few of them.

Picking the right free email marketing programs is not a decision you want to take lightly. Especially since email marketing drives more targeted traffic and has a higher sales conversion rate than all the other internet marketing tools.

There are five major feature categories that you should keep in mind if you find yourself having trouble deciding between two email service providers.

However if you found two that you consider to be equal in category rankings than you are going to want to pick the one that offers the better upgraded plan.

Here are the features you want to look for when deciding on an email marketing service provider

(1) Find the one that offers the easiest way to create your emailing lists and that has the most attractive templates for creating your emails. Basically you want to choose a free email marketing programs that does not require you to know any kind of code to be able to create your templates or opt-in promotions.

(2) The next feature that is a must for a successful email marketing campaign is email tracking.

Email tracking provides you with the means of being able to find out how many of your emails are read, getting to the audience they were intended for and giving you up to date reports for people that unsubscribed.

You want to make sure that the provider you choose does this for you and presents it to you in a way that you can understand it.

(3) A tool to check if your emails will be marked as spam. Most offer different ways of doing this. Again you are going to want to pick the platform that has the easiest way of doing so.

Typically one that offers a plugin that you can download for your site. After all you don’t want to be marked as spam because this will mean the end of your online business.

(4) You need to have excellent support to go along with an excellent email marketing.

You need to know that if you run into trouble or a tool is not functioning properly that it will be fixed in a timely manner by the service provider.

No Support means No success.

(5) This is not as much as a deal breaker as the other features that I have mentioned but it is going to be an essential as your email marketing campaign expands its mailing lists.

This feature is an auto respond.

This is exactly what it sounds like, A way to respond to emails that were sent to you by using a group of pre-selected default messages.

Best Free Email Marketing Programs

To save you some time in your research I have put together a list of what I believe to be the best free email marketing programs available for your email marketing campaign.

I will also provide a brief description of each emailing provider and give you a link for you to do follow up research on your own.

After all no matter how many reviews you may read never make a decision that affects you or your business without doing some of your own research into that particular matter.

So with that said I would like to ask a favor of you . After you click away from my site to go off and do your own research I simply ask for you to come back to my site and leave me a comment about what you thought of this article.

That is it all I would ask is just to merely tell me if this was helpful to you and or your suggestions on how I can make it more helpful to future visitors wanting to learn a bit more about email marketing on a shoestring budget.

Good luck to you in your endeavors.

Below are the free email marketing programs listed in order from the best to worst.

Active campaign is in my opinion the best of the email marketing providers. They offer a free subscription that will never expire.

Using this platform you can send emails to up to 2,500 subscribers a month. While the free subscription limits you to some of the email marketing features you will still have access to an auto respond.

Reachmail is in a very close second here in my opinion. If you choose this emailing program you will be able to send up to 15,000 emails a month as a free member.

The only thing lacking at reachmail is that it is not integrated with google analytics. Other than that you will have access to almost all of the email marketing features that a paid subscription will get you.

My number three of best free email marketing programs has got to be MailChimp. Now this is for many reasons but the main is that it is pretty solid in all areas and the graphics in the list creation is superb.

Mailchimp has a forever free plan that lets you have up to 2.000 contacts and send up to 12,000 emails a month.

In addition to mailchimp adding their logo to the emails that you send, you will have to upgrade to the paid version to be able to have an auto-responder in your email marketing campaign.

If you would like you can try what is called MailChimp Success Formula. It is a legit money making opportunity that comes from VMA (Virtual Marketing Academy) which is ran by a very smart marketer Tamara Baranova.

Mailigen in my opinion is the 4th best emailing platform in which to start a campaign.

Mailigen offers a free version that will let you have up to 5,000 subscribers and send unlimited amounts of emails every month.

Another great thing about Mailigen is that it offers an outstanding customer support system with excellent response time.

Be aware though that the free price only sticks around for 30 days and after that it will only cost you as little as $10 a month.

The last of the free email providers in my top five best free email marketing programs is called Benchmark. With this service provider you are going to get an all access pass to all the email marketing features that benchmark has to offer.

Taking advantage of benchmarks free for life plan will allow you to send up to 10,000 emails a month and be able to get support for any problem that you may encounter.

However you can only send emails to people that you get to sign up on your opt-in forms and you will not be able to load a email mailing list that you have previously made.

Now, before I go I want to let you in on something that might just help you out when it comes to increasing sales and conversions with your mailing lists.

It’s called AWtomator and is a an AWeber Marketing Automator tool.

One of the very best paid Email Marketing Programs you can get is AWeber but unfortunately they cost an arm, leg, and first born child after you factor in all the additional hidden costs such as unsubscribing someone from your mailing list.

This tools cuts all those costs down by working in tandem with AWeber by doing all of those addition hidden things AWeber charges extra for.

Well there you have it a few of the best free email marketing programs that you could use to help grow your business’s potential clients through the use of email marketing. Oh and lets not forget the helpful tips for how to choose free email marketing programs that best suit your business model.

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