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How Do I Connect Brother Printer To WiFi Without USB?

Whether at work or home, if you use a Brother printer. You must connect Brother printer to WiFi network to ensure the most efficient and trouble-free operation. You’ll find detailed instructions on how to set up wireless connectivity for your Brother printer right here.

Also, find instructions on troubleshooting the brother printer won’t connect to WiFi issue.

Have your WiFi network’s username and password ready before you begin.

WiFi setup for a Brother printer

l You will need the Driver plus software package for your Brother printer.

l Your printer may come with an Installation CD. You can install the drivers and software from the same onto your PC.

l If you do not have an installation CD, you can download the printer driver package from the official Brother printer website.

l Once you have downloaded the installer package to your PC. Double-click on it to start the installation wizard.

l Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the installation process.

l In the setup process, you will be asked to select the “Connection type”.

l You should select the Wireless Network Connection option.

Enable WLAN on your Brother printer

l Turn on the Brother printer.

l Look for the Menu button and press it.

l Through the printer screen, select the network option.

l Now select the WLAN option.

l Then select the Setup Wizard.

l You will see WLAN Enable option and two other ON and OFF options below it.

l Select the ON option.

l Once the search is over, select your WiFi network shown in the screen.

l Your printer will inquire whether you wish to utilize WPS.

l Select the NO option.

l Now, you have to enter the password for your WiFi network.

l Your Brother printer will then connect with your WiFi network,

Test it out to see If you can connect brother printer to WiFi Network

 How to troubleshoot if the brother printer won’t connect to WiFi? 

1) Check if you have entered the correct WiFi name and password.

2) Check to see if your WiFi network connection is working fine.

3) Use the Network Connection Repair Utility

This utility allows you to restore the printer with minimal user involvement. This program will automatically discover and update the IP address of the Brother printer. This utility is available for download from the Brother website.

4) Check that the Brother printer is using the most up-to-date driver.

Sometimes, your brother printer won’t connect to WiFi due to an outdated driver. If your printer needs a driver update, you can do that in two ways.

l Manually:

You’ll need basic computer expertise and time to update the drivers through this method. You must search for the correct driver online, download it, and then cautiously install it.

Visit the Brother printer-driver download website to get the latest one. Locate the drivers compatible with your particular version of Windows and manually download them.

After you’ve downloaded the appropriate printer drivers, double-click the installation file and stick to the instructions on the screen to install the latest driver.

In this way, you can brother printer won’t connect to WiFi network.


This is the simplest and fastest choice. Though you’re a beginner, completing everything takes a few mouse clicks. Download any of the freeware driver installer software available on the internet. Use the same to download the drivers for your Brother printer.

In conclusion,

It is quite simple to connect Brother printer to WiFi network. Follow the steps mentioned in the post to connect your printer to your wireless network. Happy Printing!

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