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The Canon Printer Offline Issue Is Resolved with These Fixes!

Long-time Canon printer users are aware of the frequent errors and glitches that arise. One of them is the Canon printer offline error in Windows 10. This problem can happen as an outcome of multiple reasons. Chief among them is the improper insertion of the USB port and a poorly connected Wi-Fi. On encountering this problem, the first thing you must be doing is check if your USB port is correctly inserted. It’s also important to see if your modem is fully linked to the Wi-Fi network. But if you repeatedly struggle to resolve this error, this article will be of much help. Let’s learn about the varied methods to fix this issue.

Techniques to Fix an Offline Canon Printer

There are multiple fixes for bringing your Canon printer online. Use the following techniques one by one.

Turn off the Use Printer Offline functionality.

If you’ve enabled the Use Printer Offline functionality in your system, your printer will not work. So, disable this feature using these points.

  • Use the search box to go to ‘Control Panel.’
  • Here, hit ‘Hardware and Sound.’
  • Follow it by clicking ‘Devices and Printers.’
  • Now, locate your Canon printer below the ‘Printers‘ catalog.
  • After finding it, place a right-click on it.
  • Choose the option saying, ‘See what’s printing.’
  • Tap ‘Printer‘ and see if you’ve enabled the ‘Use Printer Offline’
  • Uncheck it by tapping on it.
  • Now, tap ‘Printer‘ and hit ‘Cancel all documents.’
  • Try taking out a print of your file.

Inspect if your Canon printer is the default printer.

It’s possible for users to configure printer settings wrongly in their Windows 10 system. If your current Canon printing device is not set as default, you will receive this offline error. So, examine if this is the case and rectify it.

  • In the ‘Control Panel’section, navigate to ‘Devices and Printers.’
  • You will see various printers listed. Right-tap on your Canon printing device.
  • Choose ‘Set as default.’
  • When the printer is set in this manner, you will notice a green checkmark on it.
  • Now, examine if you can print using this printer.

Install the printer driver again

An obsolete Canon printer driver also makes the printer show an offline error. So, reinstall the driver via the pointers below.

  • Press the two keys, namely, the Windows key and R key on your keyboard.
  • The Run box will pop up.
  • Here, write ‘devmgmt.msc.’
  • Click ‘OK.’
  • You will find your printer driver below ‘Print Queues.’
  • Right-tap it and select ‘Uninstall device.’
  • Head to the Canon Support page and download recent drivers for your Canon device model.
  • Install it using the on-screen instructions.

Start the service of the printer spooler again.

Any problem with the print spooler service causes issues with the print function. So you need to restart the print spooler and then check if the error resolves.

  • In the search box on your Windows 10 system, input ‘service.’
  • Tap on its result.
  • Now in the ‘Services’ window, right-tap the ‘Print Spooler’
  • Then click ‘Restart.’
  • Now you need to right-tap on the option of ‘Print Spooler‘ again and select the ‘Properties’ option.
  • Configure its startup type as ‘Automatic.’
  • Save these settings by tapping ‘OK.’
  • Finally, start your computer again and check if you still face this error.

Reboot the router.

This is particularly useful for the Canon Pixma offline issue. You can restart the router and examine if your printer can link to Wi-Fi.

Unplug your router and wait for approximately 10 seconds before switching it on. After restarting the router, your printer will come online in Windows 10.

Disable the SNMP status.

You can also fix this issue by disabling the SNMP status. Here is the sequence of steps for it.

  • On your Windows 10 system, go to ‘Control Panel.’
  • Tap the ‘View devices and printers’
  • Now tap ‘Devices and printers‘ from the icon display.
  • Right-tap ‘Offline printers‘ and choose ‘Printer properties.’
  • If you view ‘Change properties,’ tap it.
  • Now, launch the ‘Ports’ tab, and tap ‘Configure ports.’
  • In the port configuration dialogue, remove the checkmark from the ‘Enable SNMP Status’option and tap ‘OK.’
  • Now, see if your printer comes back online.

Final Thoughts

Now you can easily troubleshoot the Canon printer is offline issue. Just a few changes in the printer settings will help you overcome the error and start printing. However, if you cannot resolve the problem by yourself, speak to a certified printer technical support expert.

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