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How to Know if Your Child is Having an Eye Problem?

The visual system of children is still developing during the first eight years of life. If an eye problem is detected at this time, it’s most likely to be treated without permanent damage. However, as the age of the child increases, it becomes difficult to recover the damage. Children do not know how to express an ongoing eye problem. That’s why parents need to be more careful to look for red flags that might indicate an eye problem. 

Here are a few signs that will help you detect an ongoing eye problem with your child. Do not panic, take your child to an experienced ophthalmologist to get a diagnosis. 

1. Having difficulty in School work

If you see your child struggling with schoolwork, don’t ignore it. Schoolwork requires better visual focus in copying work from the chalkboard to notebooks. Having a poor vision will create difficulty at school for your child.

 Make sure if you hear any such issue from his teacher or the child himself, do not take it lightly. Take your Child to an ophthalmologist for a better assessment of an eye problem. The child might be going through a refractive error that needs to be addressed. 

2. Having a Squint or Crossed eyes

If you observe crossed eyes or a squint in your child, do not ignore it and take him to a certified ophthalmologist. Common types of squint are esotropia( in which the eye moves inwards) and exotropia( in which the eye moves outwards). This happens due to weakness of nearby eye muscles which fail to work together and results in a squint. 

Your child will be advised glasses as initial treatment and see how he improves over time. Children’s Eyeglass Frame Services can help you find the best glasses for your child and help you with a better chance at recovery. 

3. Tilting head Complain

If you see your child tilting his head often or covering his one eye to focus better, chances are he’s suffering from amblyopia. Amblyopia is hard to find because the child seldom complains. In amblyopia, one eye has good vision and the other one has decreased vision. 

It hardly gets detected because the child uses a good eye which masks the ongoing problem in the other eye. However, signs like tilting the head or covering one eye for better clarity are indication for an eye problem. 

4. Complain of Headache or Rubbing of eyes

Complaining of constant headaches is also a red flag and needs to be addressed. It might be due to refractive error such as myopia or hypermetropia that needs to be corrected through glasses. In addition, convergence insufficiency issues are common in children due to the increased use of screen time. 

Moreover, if your child rubs his eyes frequently, it might be due to an infection such as allergic conjunctivitis or due to increased eye strain. Consulting your optometrist will help you indicate the problem and get its treatment on time. 

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