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How to Maintain RO Water Purifier to Enhance the Water Quality

Are you concerned that the water filter you bring home will cause headaches because of its upkeep?

To get the addresses of the maintenance service provided, you can search on the internet by typing “RO service near me in Indore”; or your city. Hopefully, this article will effectively give you a trouble and hassle-free user experience.

It’s not the case, though. It’s easier and lasts longer than you think to maintain a RO purifier. The secret to getting a water purifier that works flawlessly for more than 7 to 8 years is maintaining it correctly at home. The RO purifier will last longer if it is properly maintained and will also ensure that the water is pure and safe to drink.

How Does Water Purifier Work:

A RO water purifier primarily uses the widely used osmosis technology. In the osmosis process, materials go from a high-density area to a lower one. The osmosis process begins when the water is under pressure from the electrical connection. Due to a porous, semi-permeable barrier, two different types of water are separated. This membrane allows the beneficial particles to pass while blocking the detrimental ones.

Regular Filter and Membrane Check

Possibly, from the description of its operation, you’ve guessed that the filters and membrane of the purifier do the most important tasks. So the first advice is regular checking and prompt replacement of the filters and membrane.

The quickest approach to learning the frequency of replacement for all the filters and membranes is to consult the user handbook. Generally, the scheduled check should be done every 3 to 4 months. For more detailed and specific brand-related information, you can consult the user handbook detailing which filters to use and when to change them.

Filter Change

The technology behind RO water purifiers has advanced significantly over time, so the machine will do the tasks you did at regular intervals. ‘Filter-change’ and UV failure alerts are now included in more advanced purifiers. This technology will notify you beforehand if a certain filter has to be updated. So if you’re planning to buy a new purifier, you can look for this feature in your water purifier.

There are multiple filters to escalate the quality of the filtration. The typical replacement schedule for popular filters and RO membranes is shown below. Pre-RO carbon filter life is six months, sediment filter life is twelve months, pre-RO carbon filter life is three to two years, and post-RO carbon filter life is twelve months.

Getting an AMC

AMC stands for Annual Maintenance Contract. This has proven to be extremely helpful in keeping the onus off regular maintenance. Annual maintenance is a one-time investment method to get a year-long scheduled purifier servicing. There are multiple big to small companies that offer this kind of service. You can search “RO Water Purifier Service near me in Indore” to find services near your area.

Cleaning and Sanitising the Surface of the Purifier

Cleaning it regularly prevents unwanted dust or dirt accumulation in the filter. Cleaning the RO system’s internal waste pipes is a crucial but frequently disregarded aspect of performing basic maintenance on your RO system. Moving the water from one purification step to the next requires numerous connecting pipes in a RO system. The technician should clean these pipes when changing the filters. If the water is kept for an extended period, the likelihood of microbial contamination increases significantly. The earliest indications of such microbial infection are a foul taste, a slightly yellowish colour, and a weird smell. Therefore, the water storage tank must be routinely emptied and filled with fresh water.

Look for any Leakages

Water leak from purifiers is a very common problem. It often happens with the older purifiers, which work continues to the filtrate. Keep a look at all the internal pipes of the purifier to avoid any unnecessary problems.

Get Familiar with the Product You’re using

Please read the user manual thoroughly before using the product, as it will guide you through cleaning and maintaining the water purifier.


You can prevent unneeded malfunctions and breaks by paying attention to the purifier’s minute details. If you have ignored your RO purifier for a while, you are putting your family’s health in danger since they can drink tainted water. Here are some recommendations for you that have a long history of being very successful in purifier maintenance.

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