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How to Rabbit-Proof A Garden With Fencing

When it comes to keeping creatures out of your garden, rabbits should be at the top of your list. Rabbit-proofing your garden with a rabbit fence is key if you want your garden to be successful and survive throughout the season. Rabbits have a voracious appetite and can quickly destroy all your hard work. One of the ways that you can protect your gardens is by installing fencing. There are different ways that you can implement fencing to keep rabbits out.

Creating a Temporary Rabbit-Proof Fence

One of the ways that you can temporarily create a fence to keep out rabbits is by creating a make-shift fence with chicken wire and zip ties. This works with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Hammer stakes 12 inches into the ground, one at each corner of the area you want to protect.
  • Step 2: For effective rabbit-proofing, hammer posts in every six feet between these stakes, with even spacing between.
  • Step 3: Take chicken wire, enough to cover the distance between the first two corner stakes, and bend the bottom at a 90-degree angle, creating a 12-inch lip. This 12-inch flap will cover the ground on the outside of your fence, ensuring the rabbits can’t tunnel under it.
  • Step 4: Secure the portion of the fence with zip ties to the corner post, ensuring the flap is on the outside.
  • Step 5: Do the same for the other sides of the fence.
  • Step 6: Using zip ties, secure the chicken wire to the posts. Stretch the wire tight against the post and use the zip ties on the top, middle, and bottom of the fence to attach it tightly to the post.
  • Step 7: Using landscape garden staples, secure the flap to the ground. Staple right at the 90-degree angle and at the outside edge of the lip. Place every two feet.
  • Step 8: Remove any excess wire using wire cutters. For best rabbit-proofing results, check for any gaps in the fencing.
  • Step 9: Layer 2-3 inches of mulch over the outside flap to hide it.


Using Electric Fencing to Deter Rabbits

With an electric garden fence, you can protect your gardens and plants from being eaten or destroyed. Our Zareba® Garden Protector Electric Fence Kit. Inside the kit includes everything that you need to set up the fence and start protecting your garden.

However, you can pick and choose what you want to create your electric fence with. From a range of different types of chargers, insulators, wires, posts, and other accessories, you can choose the items that best fit your garden or property. Learn how you should set up your electric fence and use the Garden Kit specifically for rabbits here.

When you implement an electric fence, the animal is being deterred but also trained. The mild shock will teach them to change their behavior and stay away from the garden – or the thing that is shocking them. Other benefits include 24/7 defense, stopping other small animals from getting into your garden, and easy installation.

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