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How to Start a WordPress Blog


Blogging is an exciting and amazing thing to do.

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The passion to be a blogger could be out of fun or passion. But in any case, just ensure that you enjoy what you are doing.

In this article, I am going to share my personal experience on how to start a blog site using WordPress.

How to start a blog using WordPress.

To start a blog you need to do the following Decide to become a blogger and choose your niche.

First and foremost, before you start your WordPress blog, you have to decide to become a blogger and also you have to make up your mind on what niche or aspect of life that you will want your blog to cover.

The good thing about blogging is that it is a dynamic thing.

As your blog unfolds with time, you may decide to expand the scope of your blog or you may even decide to change it entirely.

From experience, I would advise that you take a critical look at the niche you want to go into most especially when you intend to monetize your blog in the future.

One of the mistakes that beginners do at this stage is to stick to a particular niche simply because they may have seen someone who is earning “a lot of money” from that niche.

In a nutshell, select a niche that you can comfortably generate original content for until you are comfortable enough to expand your coverage.

Draw up a structure for your blog

When I say structure, I mean the pages, the positioning of items on the pages, the menu bar, the style of the header and footer, the ads position, the colour scheme.

It is at this stage that you decide the way you want the blog to appear on all the kind of devices that your expected visitors will be using to view your blog.

The good thing with WordPress is that you can easily get themes that will take care of the styling of your blog, all you need do is to change the appearance from the available options but just few clicks.

To some existing bloggers, this may sound ridiculous, but the truth is planning can never be excess, you can only be said to have little or no planning.

You do have to be a professional designer for you to be able to draw up the structure of your blog.

Take up a pen and a book, sit down and draw out how you want your blog to look like, be detailed, describe how you want the pages to look like, the categories of information you want on the blog.

This will go a long way in helping you when you want to start building the blog, it can also be helpful if you intend to contract a web developer to build the blog for you as it will serve as a guide for the developer in understanding your needs.

The major challenge for beginners at this stage is how to go about the structural plan and design.

You don’t have to worry your head over that as there are a lot of samples for you available on the internet.

All you need to do is to identify the exact WordPress theme that best suits what you have drawn out to be the structure or a theme that offers the best for your taste.

Please note that you need to buy some of the themes before you can have access to editing and using all its features.

You can check Theme Forest for exciting WordPress themes

Choose a domain name

Choosing a domain name is a very critical aspect of creating a blog.

The domain name of a blog says a lot about a blog. T

he name should on its own give your visitors a clue of what your blog is all about.

There should be a relationship between the domain and the blog content.

When I selected the name for my blog, it took me some time because most of the names I tried using at first were unavailable or very expensive.

So I continued trying until I ended up with GISTHABIT.

When considering a domain name, you should think of the following:

  1. Your domain name should relate to your blog niche
  2. The name should be easily pronounced It should be easily spelt, by so doing you will not risk the possibility of losing your supposed traffic to someone else’s blog.
  3. If possible, it should be simple and short

Choose a hosting plan

To host your blog, there are several hosting companies that are willing to offer you their services.

As a beginner and probably a low-income earner, I would advise that you explore hosting plans that are affordable at least for the meantime until you start earning enough to migrate to a higher plan.

You can explore the plans of the several hosting companies to find the ones that suit your budget.

As for me, I started with Namecheap shared hosting services.

Install WordPress and build the blog

After purchasing a hosting plan and paying for a domain name the next stage is to install WordPress on the online server and develop your blog.

The options available to you at this stage is to

  1. Get a web developer to design the blog (contact us: @ gisthabit@gmail.com for web development) or
  2. Develop the blog yourself

Start posting on your new blog

Once you are done with the design and development of the blog, the next thing is to start posting on your blog.

Try as much as possible to write original contents for your blog, as that will help you create a brand and form a strong impression on your visitors.

The originality and uniqueness of your blog post cannot be overemphasized especially if you are considering to apply for google ad-sense in the future.

Generate traffic to your blog

Now that the blog is up and running, the next task is to direct traffic to the blog, in others words it’s time to advertise your blog.

There are so many ways of generating traffic to your blog, but I am going to list a few and they are:

  • Share and broadcast your blog on social media
  • Tell your friends and family about your blog and talk to them about helping you broadcast it.
  • Explore cheap advertisements like advertising about your blog on free notice boards.

Apply for search engine indexing

Search engine indexing helps enables your blog to appear on search engine results whenever a search engine user searches for any content that can also be found in your site.

It is a great way for directing organic traffic to your blog especially when you are trying to earn as a result of activities on your blog.

You may decide to start with Google Search Console


Apply for Google Ad-sense Service

if you are planning on making money from your blog then this stage is for you.

Google Ad-sense is a service by google where they advertise peoples services or business on your blog and you get paid when a visitor clicks on any of the adverts.


Ask a lot of questions and make research

The truth is that blogging is a dynamic thing and a lot of changes happen with time.

If you must succeed as a blogger you have to keep your self-updated with the latest trends in the industry.

Get advice and tips from successful bloggers and make a lot of research on your own as that is the only way you can keep your blog afloat.

Tips for Choosing Plugins and Themes

  1. During the process of building and even running your blog, don’t be tempted to just install any plugin or switch to any theme with cheeking for the following information;
  2. Check for the last time the theme or plugin was last updated by the developer as this will give you an insight on how often errors associated with the plugin or theme are resolved.
  3. Look out for the number of downloads and installations so far. This most times suggests the level of acceptability.
  4. Check for comments by users who have downloaded the plugin or theme.
  5. Try to read to comments as that will give you some level of information about how far the plugin can meet your need.



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