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Is An Adjustable Air Bed Comfortable

An adjustable air bed is no longer just a temporary sleeping arrangement for guests staying over. These types of beds are simply a mattress that contains air bladders instead of coil springs. Each side of the bed has the ability to adjust to the support needs of the person sleeping on it. Therefore, each sleeping partner can adjust to his or her specific needs. This is especially important for the person with a back problem that needs to adjust the air support Hospital Bed Price of back support and firmness in the bed without disturbing their partner.

An adjustable air bed has the ability to mold and shape to the contour of a person sleeping. Originally designed for hospitals where the need for added support and not as many pressure points was very important to the patients comfort and healing. It was only a matter of time before these beds were made available to the public.

The mattresses are very comfortable due to the ability to spread the weight of the body and the actual contacts points on the mattress in a much more even fashion. People who suffer from allergies find that an adjustable air bed is a good alternative because it is not a breeding ground for dust mites. A coil spring mattress can hold as many as five million dust mites and is the largest area of concentration of these critters in a household.

An adjustable air bed offers more flexibility to the individual because of the ability to fine tune the settings on a nightly basis. The problem with a coil spring mattress is that you cannot make any changes to the settings because there is none. Many people find that they have uncomfortable pressure points when sleeping. As we get older, the more aches and pains we experience. This is likely why the wheelchair on rent delhi the change from regular beds over the last several years.

Pressure points also cause problems with the natural alignment of your spine during sleep. If you have a mattress that is too hard it does not allow for the natural curves of the spine. If you sleep on a mattress that is too soft it will also not provide the proper support your spine needs as well. An adjustable air bed will alleviate this problem of sleeping on a mattress that is either too hard or too soft.

There are a number of different adjustable air bed mattresses available on the market today. Do your research and if possible test them out before making your purchase. Your back will thank you for making the change from a traditional coil spring mattress.

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