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Just How Much Is Macallan 18-Year-Old Worth?

Macallan 60 Year Old Red Collection is one of Macallan’s most prominent bottles with collection agencies. There is a wide variety of vintages for enthusiasts to obtain as well as they are neither common neither extremely rare to ensure that they are not as well hard to acquire however still regulate a costs.

The vintages for Macallan 18 year old run from 1963 to 1985 for the classic design bottles, 1986 onward (launched in 2004) the modern design bottle was made use of with the familiar purple box.

Similar to the majority of series the older vintages are rarer and as a result command a premium compared to the modern design bottles. There are likewise some import design containers that can regulate a premium to the ideal customer.

the older vintages haven’t been seen at auction lately as well as will likely regulate a costs for a container in good problem.

Modern design macallan edition 1-6 for sale 18-year-old containers with the matt box. As with all containers of whisky, the valuation is based upon each individual container as there are a number of aspects that can affect the value of a specific bottle. Label condition as well as the level of the whisky in the neck of the bottle are 2 of the most essential factors for enthusiasts. In addition, if you don’t have the initial box then that can lower the value of your bottle by as long as 30%.

If you have a vintage container of Macallan 18 years of age that you wish to get valued or receive guidance on marketing then please get in call utilizing the form listed below.

Special Launches

Just like all Macallan launches, scandal sheet collection or series with restricted bottling numbers regulate a costs.

Just like all bottles of whisky, the appraisal is based upon each specific container as there are several aspects that can impact the value of an individual container. Label condition and also the level of the whisky in the neck of the bottle are two of one of the most vital aspects for collectors. In addition, if you don’t have the original box then that can minimize the value of your bottle by as much as 30%.

If you have a classic bottle of Macallan one decade old that you would like to obtain valued or receive recommendations on selling then please enter get in touch with making use of the type listed below.

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