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Making Money with a Tire Shredder

We’ve established ourselves as a leading shredding machinery manufacturer and provider. Our devices are known for their high performance, strong construction, little maintenance, and extended lifespan among our consumers.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking the most up-to-date prices on tyre shredder equipment and tyre recycling plants. Please get in touch with us as quickly as possible!

What Is a Tire Shredder Device and How Does It Work?

The tyre shredder was designed specifically for shredding and recycling waste tyres. It can shred the waste tyres of various trucks into rubber blocks for future transportation and recycling. Its recycling fees have been significantly reduced. The goal is to improve both the outcome and the efficiency.

Tire shredders can shear discarded tyres in addition to shredding them, and tyres can be used for smelting oil and making recycled rubber, as opposed to physically cutting them off and then feeding them into a shredder for shredding, which has very low efficiency. The tyre shredder demands that you place the complete tyre into it; it may then tear and shred the tyre into little bits with ease and reliability.

Tire Shredding Rate Maker tyre shredder is also divided into designs; different designs have different outcomes, discharge sizes, crushing dental caries, etc. As a result, the cost will naturally vary, so the customer purchasing a scrap tyre shredder should choose the best design based on the nature of the material, outcome, and discharge dimension. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the deal!

Material to be crushed: consisting of dimension, structure, etc.

Outcome requirements: the number of heaps per hour squashing result want to reach?

Dimension of the crushed material

What Is Tire Shredding and How Does It Work?

Tire shredder uses two sets of blades in the device dental caries relative rotation to use the concept of tightening both axes of the angle of extrusion of the material into the tooth cavity, as a result of the special design of the blades right into both axes of the tip of the product is repaired by the ends of the edges to further create problems for the tightening of the curve, in the material pressure to get to the product as a result of the special design of the blades right.

Applications Of  tire shredding   

  1. Conserve transportation cost and also garbage dump price

Some of the garbage in life is very big, for instance: furnishings garbage, timber garbage. Suppose we deliver them straight to the landfill, where the transport prices are extremely pricey. Many individuals assume that the landfill does not support the bill, which is a misconception; we generally pay the trash fee has included the expense of paying the landfill. The dump is delivered according to the volume of rubbish. The bigger the importance of your garbage, the more you pay because this will certainly get rid of the trash squashed to conserve money.

  1. Recycling rubber waste

Numerous rubber items in our lives can be reused and also recycled. As long as we shred it into little adequate bits, we can put it into the extruder to melt and then extrude it. But the key point is that the rubber waste fragments used for feeding should be tiny sufficient because the extrusion granulation procedure before the process generally needs to crush the tires and various other rubber products first. Currently, people can not live without autos, so that it will generate a lot of tire rubber waste; tire recycling is a huge market. As well as tire shredder is a great helper for the recycling of rubber products.


The rubber shredder has a low rate, strong torque, and low noise, among other features. It adopts a PLC control system that can be operated instantly, with features such as start, stop, turn around, and overload automatic turning around control.

A motor and a reducer drive the knife shaft to achieve a low speed and high torque shear impact.

Bearings with six seals, both watertight and dustproof, have a longer service life. Device degradation employs device welding and repairing technologies to allow for multiple tool reuse, cutting device maintenance costs significantly. We have become a leading producer and distributor of Tire Shredder

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