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Microsoft Office Productivity Tips

You probably don’t need anyone to tell you how important Microsoft Office is to your business; estimates vary from 80% to 96% of computer users being Office users. To help you out, here are some crucial tactics for using each of the three most popular Office programs: PowerPoint, Word and Excel, and Outlook.  To understand how to use office in the most efficient manner, you must use these tips.


Practice going backward and forward through your presentation. If the PowerPoint presentation is poorly made, watching the presenter fumble through the slides is almost as bad. Get the hang of these PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts and you’ll seem like a pro in no time: For example, you can go to the next slide by clicking the mouse or pressing N, Enter, Page Down, Right Arrow, Down Arrow, or Space bar; you may go back to the previous slide by pressing P, Page Up, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, or Backspace; and you can use the arrow keys or the backspace key. To jump to a specific slide, press number>+Enter. Black screen appears when you press B or Period. A white screen can be displayed by pressing W (Command), an automatic slide can be paused and resumed by pressing S (Plus), and the slideshow can be terminated by pressing Esc (Shift) + Break (Minus) or -.

Well-thought-out layout is important. Absolutely, you can jazz up your slides with fancy transitions, text fly-ins, animations, and music. Don’t let gimmicks detract from the seriousness of your presentation, though; subtlety is key. Body text should preferably be written in a sans serif font like Arial, Helvetica, or Calibri.

WordPerfect Office

If you press Control and the letter K, the text you are currently seeing will become a clickable link. Including lengthy site addresses in a paper, which disrupts spacing and formatting, is the surest way to ruin an otherwise flawless report. To insert a hyperlink into any selected word, line, or phrase, copy the URL, select the text with the mouse, press Ctrl + K, and then paste the address into the box that appears.

Turn on Track Changes In a Flash.

Turn on Track Changes in a flash by pressing Ctrl + Shift + E rather than searching through Word’s many options for it.

Spreadsheet Software By Microsoft (Excel)

Harmonize several files into one. Excel’s grouped worksheets function makes quick work of this crucial assignment. When you press CTRL and click the tabs of the sheets you want to group together, the sheets will turn white and the formatting you enter in one sheet will be reflected in the others. If you want to add or delete information from a grouped sheet, you must first ungroup it by clicking on its tab.

Increase the size of your Excel document without much hassle. You may quickly insert rows and columns in a number of methods, including by selecting Insert > Rows or Columns, right-clicking on rows or columns and selecting Insert, or by pressing CTRL and + or CTRL, SHIFT, and + on your keyboard.

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