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Must Know About Cyber Security & Passwords

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I am going to be as simple and as straight forward as possible in this piece of article that seeks to educate a typical consumer about cybersecurity and passwords.

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Cybersecurity in simple terms can be defined as the protection of computer systems and the contained information from unauthorized access.

A password, on the other hand, is any string of characters uses to gain access into a place of a device.

In a generation where we carry out most of our daily lives activities digitally, what it means is that everyone should know and practice at least the minimum form of security.

On your computers and other devices at work, it means you should save your companies from avoidable loss by taking security seriously.

On your mobile phones and other gadgets at home, it also mean that you should safeguard your information by taking the necessary security measures.

Research has shown that most security breaches depend mostly on human interaction to be successful. Errors such as click on unsolicited emails can lead to a great deal of security breach and possible loss.

For a typical consumer, the following steps can be taken to remain safe;

#1. Avoid using common or easy passwords

Using an easy guess password such as 1111, 1234, admin, or even your date of birth can be very risky and can lead to a security breach.

A lot of people are fond of using simple passwords for things like are ATM cards, computers, smartphone and other gadgets that contains our financial and personal information. No wonder the Japanese government announced that it will hack into Internet-connected devices used by its citizens in an effort to create awareness for cybersecurity.

#2. Never disclose your password

Nowadays, it is very common for people to disclose their passwords to others all in the name of trust. If for any reason you had to disclose your password to anyone then it is advisable that you change the password immediately. These days we see people disclose the password to their bank accounts without changing same, this often times leads to theft and fraud.

And also, never be in a hurry to supply your ATM card detail on any website on the internet without confirming that the site in question is secured.

#3. Never allow unauthorised persons to access your computers

Nowadays corporate organizations are aware of the possible loss that can result from allowing unauthorized persons access to some certain information or devices.

This has brought about several forms of cybersecurity measures to inform and guide staff members at their various workstations.

Hackers can have access to computers and workstations by just plugging a small device to your computer.

Always observe to see that no foreign device is connected to your workstation and make sure to report to the appropriate authorities immediately you notice anything.

#4. Never open or click on an unsolicited mail

A lot of people has fallen for this. Hackers use spam emails to get the attention of their victims. These emails often come in attractive forms to deceive the victim into clicking the attached link.

The victim unknowingly grants access to the hackers who seizes the opportunity to carry out a security breach.

As a matter of fact, cybersecurity is everyone’s business especially in this era that technology seems to be taking the centre stage of our day to day life.

Before you disclose that pieces of password that seems small, think twice because that little piece of information might ruin your life if not properly managed.


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