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How to Reset Account to Solve Quicken Installation Issues

Quicken is a host of a major category of data. It keeps track of the finances and helps you maintain them. This is useful for not only companies but also households. But an application that handles complex tasks like this is also at risk of facing issues. A few of them arise due to Quicken installation issues. For this, sometimes you need to start with a fresh slate.

In this blog, we cover the various ways to reset Quicken data. We also provide fixes for both Windows and Mac. There is also a workaround available, which is starting a new profile. So now, let us proceed to the next section that covers the various steps we mentioned.

Workaround: Starting a New Account

To be clear, this will not delete your data. But it will provide you with a fresh start for the application. For this:
  1. Open Quicken and click on File.
  2. After that, you need to opt for the New User Profile.
  3. The next step is to add your details. These include name, address, and other info.
  4. Finally, you have to add your bank account details and then you have a new profile.

This is a workaround to provide you with a fresh slate without deleting your data. However, if you are looking to fix issues with resetting your data then proceed to the next procedure.

Resetting Quicken Data on the System

  1. For this, you have to open the Quicken application first.
  2. After that, have a look at the lower-left corner.
  3. Here you can see that there will be a Reset
  4. You can also click on File, and then opt for Reset Preferences.

Deleting Profiles from Quicken

If you are someone who has multiple Quicken accounts and wants to delete them all then here is the process. To use this option;

  1. Launch the Accounts
  2. After that choose all the accounts you want to remove, and tap Del or Delete
This will permanently delete the Accounts and the data in them.

The above two steps help you reset the data from the system. However, the data in the Cloud stays intact. So if there is any damage to data, then it will relapse with it. For this, you need to delete the Cloud files.

Reset Cloud Data – Windows

  1. Open the Quicken application, then click on Edit. After that opt for Preferences > Cloud Account.
  2. Here tap on Edit cloud account name.
  3. Now delete the filesfrom the Quicken ID to fix the Quicken installation issues. You just have to highlight and Delete.

Reset Cloud Data – Mac

  1. The first step is quite similar, just navigate through Quicken >
  2. After that, you have to visit the Associated Services tab and choose to See All Cloud Accounts.
  3. Next, go to Data Manager and click the pencil button to edit.
  4. After that, just hit the minus button beside the files to remove them from the cloud. You need to click Yes to confirm your choice.

To sum it all up,

The install or reinstall quicken for windows can impact the Quicken files. So for these situations, the only way out might be a complete revamp. We have a workaround but it might not be sufficient. So if you want to try the last resort of fixing the Quicken installation issues, follow our steps and reset the data.

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