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She Found Me


‘Baby I’m sorry, it’s not what you think’ pleaded Sonia as she got out of the bed and started dressing up.

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Tunde had just caught his girlfriend Sonia in bed with the guy she claimed is her cousin, Tim. They had been sharing the same apartment since Tim got admission in the same university Sonia was in.


Tunde and Sonia had been in a relationship for three years, they had met before Sonia got admission into unilag.

Tunde wasn’t the richest guy in Lagos, but he was working, he was comfortable enough to get an apartment for his girlfriend so he could visit her when he was free.

He had agreed to allow Tim stay in the apartment with Sonia, at least for his first year. He was really blinded by love. The day he caught them having sex, he had decided that after 3 years it was time to take the relationship to another level, he decided to pay her a surprise visit and propose to her that day.

He was so heartbroken that day, he kept shedding tears as Sonia kept confessing. Tim was not her cousin, but her other boyfriend. They had met in a party hosted by a friend to both of them, and even while she was in a relationship with Tunde, she agreed to be Tim’s girlfriend.

When Tim got admission, he couldn’t find an apartment that was close to school, that was when they thought up the idea of being cousins and Tunde fell for it.

‘Thank you Sonia’ said Tunde amidst tears, ‘thank you for the heartbreak, after everything I told you about my past relationships, you are wicked enough to cheat on me all these while, thank you so much, but I swear to the heavens, you will receive the same disappointment you gave me today’.

He said as he threw the engagement ring on the floor and walked out of the house to his car where he cried uncontrollably before driving off. That was the last time Sonia heard from him.


After the heartbreak, Tunde gave up on love and relationship, he vowed never to love anyone again. Three women had already disappointed him before he met Sonia who did the same thing to him. Now he wants to be free.

He becomes as randy as he could, he wasn’t a player, but he had sex with any girl that passed him by and never bothered about any form of feeling. He never took any lady serious again. He spent the remaining part of his stay in Lagos picking up and dropping women at will.


Two years after his breakup with Sonia, Tunde was posted to Portharcourt by the company he was working for. He was made the branch head there and life was good, even better for him.

‘If I can have many women in Lagos, I wonder what will happen in Portharcourt’ he said to himself as he got to the city. He continued his randy lifestyle for almost two years till he met Isioma. He had walked into a supermarket to pick up a few items for home use when he saw Isioma behind the counter.

‘my next one’ he thought, and with a flirty smile on his face he walked to the counter and started a conversation with her.

He saw how friendly she was and was sure this is his next hit and run. He had forgotten his phone on the counter while flirting with Isioma and was about driving off when Isioma ran to him to give him the phone. He saw this as his chance and asked her out, luckily for him, she agreed.


It was on their first date that Tunde realized that Isioma was not just a sales girl at the supermarket, she was a master’s student at Uniport. The job was just to keep body and soul together. Tunde soon realized Isioma was not just there for hit and run, and the more they went out, the more he fell for her, so much so they started sharing everything with eachother, especially private and personal experiences. Tunde told Isioma everything he had gone through in the name of love, all his bad experiences. Before long, they started dating, they were deeply in love with each other. When the relationship started, Isioma took upon herself to make Tunde forget all the bad experiences he had with love, to show him what real love was about, and for the first time in his life, he felt very sure he has found what he was looking for. Tunde stopped being randy and uncaring and believed in love again, unlike his other relationships he knew this was real. Isioma made him feel what he hadn’t felt for a long while, real love and by the time she was done with her masters and secured a good job in Portharcourt, they got married.


Three years after the marriage that had produced two beautiful kids, Tunde was in the office telling his friend Dave about his anniversary plans, and Dave looked at him and said ‘ see as madam dey make you glow anyhow. I’m happy you found her when you did’. ‘No brother’ Tunde smiled and replied ‘she found me. It took her this long, but she found me’.


Ifechukwu Ifee Uwaks.


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