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Steps You Should Take If You Are Being Discriminated Against At The Workplace?

Experiencing discrimination at your workplace can be psychologically damaging. It may cause you to feel emotions such as anger and embarrassment while leading to an overall decline in your productivity at work because of the hostile environment.

The Title VII of The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits the discrimination of employees based on factors such as their gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, disabilities, and nationality. A San Antonio employment discrimination lawyer understands your situation and advises you on the best legal route to take.

How can you identify discrimination at the workplace?

Discrimination may take place in several ways at your workplace. Your supervisors or coworkers may make offensive statements regarding the protected class you belong to, stereotypical “jokes,” and speak to you in a derogatory manner. You may also be denied promotions and other job enhancement opportunities despite your qualifications because of your employer’s prejudice. The salary you receive may also be lower than other employees working at the same level as you because of your membership to a protected class.

What should you do?
  • Gather

It is essential to document the demeaning remarks and jokes made by other employees and supervisors as evidence when you file a complaint. Make a detailed record of it along with the dates and times and any witnesses present. You should also make copies of emails or texts displaying such discriminatory behavior.

● File a report within the organization.

Organizations have policies regarding the prevention of discrimination, and filing a report to its Human Resources department can help. They can take measures to stop further discrimination through ways such as disciplinary action against the offender. Also, obtain a copy of the report you filed regarding the discriminatory incident.

●Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charge (EEOC).

If your employer fails to take adequate corrective action, filing a complaint with the EEOC would be in your best interest. The federal agency investigates your charge and determines whether your employer has violated the anti-discrimination laws. If they have, you can negotiate a settlement with the employer for damages such as emotional distress or take it to court. Even if the EEOC states that your employer has not violated the law, you can sue them.

Your lawyer helps you collect appropriate evidence and provides you with the legal expertise and advice you require to protect your rights. They have the knowledge and resources to help you file a charge correctly and represent you in court. Furthermore, their presence can significantly relieve your state of distress and help you attain a successful outcome.

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